Coaching By


Rebecca Branham



Change Your Mind, Change Your Body, Change Your Life

You know you should be exercising.

You know you should be eating properly.

You absolutely know that taking care of your body will help you cope with everything life throws at you.

But there’s always something that gets in your way and holds you back. 

Perhaps you just can’t seem to find the time.

Maybe everyone around you is sucking the life from you.

It could be that you get off to a good start but fall off the wagon too easily.

We’ve all been there.

But here’s the good news….

It is possible to reframe your outlook, take control of your health AND unleash the strong, independent badass you know you have in you.

Hi, I’m Rebecca Branham

…and I’m here to help you feel empowered and attuned to your body. Because when you do that you open the portal to joy and freedom.

I’m a registered nurse, but in 2015 I felt like my job was consuming me. I was stressed, exhausted and letting my mind get the better of me. Fear was holding me back.

And I could see amazing women all around me who had bad relationships with food, exercise, mental wellbeing, even with themselves. 

It was time for a change – a big one. The negative self-talk had to stop.

Now I’m a holistic health, life and mindset coach, and I set people – people just like you who probably feel as though their plate is not only full but spilling over the edges – on the path to their best selves.

In fact, I can help you show up for yourself in ways you never have before.

This is what I can help you with:

  • Rebuilding your relationship with food so you break the emotional eating cycle.
  • Increasing your energy so you can keep up with the kids, kill it at the gym, and still feel fired up when the work day is over.
  • Stepping outside your comfort zone and overcoming the fear that’s been holding you back.
  • Loving yourself. Finally. Because you deserve it.

I’ll be honest with you, though (now and always): there are no quick fixes. These are real changes, permanent changes, and ones you can take with you through the rest of your life.

Here’s how I can help you, starting today.

Mastering Food Freedom

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Confused? Frustrated?
Do you need to lose 20 pounds?
Not sure how to do it? 

Food Freedom program is my six-month program of video trainings, handouts, homework, personal coaching, group calls and a supportive Facebook group that will reprogram your mind. 

Low Sugar Crash Course

Need to reduce your sugar intake?
Feeling sluggish and drained of energy?
Cravings driving you crazy?

Give me 14 days and I’ll show you how to stop procrastinating and make your health a priority.

Beat the Stress

Feeling as though everything is out of control?
Dealing with constant anxiety?
Whirling thoughts keeping you awake at night?

Enroll in my Beat the Stress course and you’ll get instant access to my go-to stress management tools. This isn’t some kind of quick fix – these are mental devices you can use for a lifetime.

Private Coaching

Got a bit to work through?
Completely flummoxed by conflicting information?
Intimidated by starting a new program alone?

As a holistic health, life and mindset coach, I can work directly with you to set you on the path to health, happiness and an acceptance and love of who you are. Want to know more? Here’s where to do it.