Ending Negative Thoughts That Can Lead To Procrastination

as an entrepreneur with ADHD


Believing you need to be perfect to succeed is not just limiting your income potential—it's draining your peace of mind.

Your obsession with avoiding mistakes is sabotaging your ability to take action and seize opportunities.

Inside my free guide, "Ending Negative Thoughts That Can Lead To Procrastination as an Entrepreneur with ADHD," you’ll discover how to identify destructive thought patterns and transform them into powerful motivators. 

This guide isn’t just a collection of tips—it’s an essential part of my 6-Figure Show-Up Formula, crafted to keep you moving forward, even when your brain tries to hold you back.

Within this resource, you will find thought exercises, real-life scenarios, and simple strategies to help you replace procrastination with productivity. Don’t let negative thinking stall your progress. It's time to reframe those thoughts and propel yourself towards doubling or tripling your business income.

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Meet Rebecca

In 2015, when I was working as a nurse, I was exhausted and treating myself horribly. My job was consuming me. Sure, I was aware of all the things I should have been doing – eating regularly, getting exercise, taking time out for myself – but it never happened, and it prevented me from earning more in my business.

I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur with three successful businesses. Helping ADHD female entrepreneurs is my jam. I use a unique blend of subconscious rewiring and HELL-YES coaching to help you unwind your self-defeating behaviors & patterns while stabilizing healthy habits that last so you can make more money in your business!

As a master NLP practitioner, Holistic Health & Life Coach, RN, REBT & CBT practitioner, I use those skills to help you get out of your way so you crush your goals.