6-Figure Momentum Workbook

Easily remove *conditions* around your momentum & keep the needle moving in your business (even when you don't feel motivated)

You've been earning *good money*, bringing in $3k to $5k a month in your business. 

But to double or even triple that figure, you’re going to have to address that voice inside your head, pushing you to believe that you've got to be on your A-game 24/7. 

Believing you need to hit a home run every single day to maintain or grow your business is capping your income and destroying your peace. 

Your focus on perfection is crushing your ability to stay in momentum regardless of life happening around you (life isn’t perfect & expecting to wake up motivated 24/7 will limit you faster than you can say GOALS). 

Inside my 6-Figure Momentum workbook, you will find out how to remove the conditions around your momentum and keep the needle moving (even when you’re not feeling motivated). 

This is a foundational piece of my 6-Figure Show-Up Formula, which was designed to help you show up & stay in momentum even on your toughest days and weeks. 

Inside this workbook, you will find common 'good goal' examples I walk my clients through so they can show the fuck up and make more money even when shit's hitting the fan in other areas of their life.

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Meet Rebecca

In 2015, when I was working as a nurse, I was exhausted and treating myself horribly. My job was consuming me. Sure, I was aware of all the things I should have been doing – eating regularly, getting exercise, taking time out for myself – but it never happened, and it prevented me from earning more in my business.

I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur with three successful businesses. Helping ADHD female entrepreneurs is my jam. I use a unique blend of subconscious rewiring and HELL-YES coaching to help you unwind your self-defeating behaviors & patterns while stabilizing healthy habits that last so you can make more money in your business!

As a master NLP practitioner, Holistic Health & Life Coach, RN, REBT & CBT practitioner, I use those skills to help you get out of your way so you crush your goals.