Hey there! I’m Rebecca Branham
– Becca to my friends.

There are a few strings to my bow. I’m a registered nurse and a fitness enthusiast. Plus, I’m an eternal optimist. But the reason you’re here, and one of the aspects of my life of which I’m most proud, is that I’m an established holistic health, life and mindset coach. And I’m dedicated to helping you show up for yourself in order to become your best self.

You’re overworked, stressed, and lacking the time and energy to get your life to the caliber you envision for yourself or achieve the high standards you’ve set for yourself. And there’s plenty of stuff holding you back.

You don’t want to tell yourself you’re the reason you can’t become your ideal you because it’s easier to ‘try’, fail, and blame outside sources for falling off the wagon.

You put everyone else ahead of yourself – and you’re just. So. Tired.  

You need someone to help you de-stress, focus and get it all together.

That’s where I come in!

My passion is helping others feel empowered and attuned to their body. How do I do that? By helping them show up for themselves like never before.

In 2015, when I was working as a nurse, I was exhausted and treating myself horribly. My job was consuming me. Sure, I was aware of all the things I should have been doing – eating regularly, getting exercise, taking time out for myself – but it never happened.

Sound familiar? I’m not surprised.

All around me I saw awesome women talking crap about their bodies, their eating habits, their minds, their relationships with others and themselves. On and on it went. It made me furious. So, after four years as a nurse, I changed lanes.

Obviously I already had a degree in nursing and during my career I’d specialized in neurology, neurosurgery, and other progressive care units. All that gave me insight into how people deal with their health (or not). Then I returned to study and earned my qualifications in health and lifestyle coaching.

Now, I’m a total nerd when it comes to personal development, and my obsession is helping others feel whole while doing what they love with who they love.

Here’s what I can do for you. You’ll learn to…

  • Rebuild your relationship with food, so you can break the emotional eating cycle.
  • Commit to intentions for long-term health and happiness. Discover what your body needs and wants then feed it. 
  • Increase your energy so you can keep up with the kids, kill it at the gym, and still feel fired up when the work day is over.
  • Identify what triggers regression then embrace those triggers and use them as tools for continued success. 
  • Ignore the noise and reprogram your mind to communicate with your body in an effortless way. 
  • Create a nourishing self-care menu to replace the desire for stress eating and finally feel emotionally free. 
  • Recognize your badassery, learn to show up confidently and embrace control of your long-term happiness and health. 
  • Say yes to what you crave in life without feeling guilty for getting what you want.


“Trying a new program can be intimidating, but I never felt that way with Rebecca. Talking to her was like talking to a close friend – it was easy to be open because there was no judgment. Because I was brutally honest during our sessions, I have more appreciation for myself. I know I’m capable of doing all I set out to do.” 

– Kellea  

Whatever it is people tell me, there’s one thing that is always true: The goals and the journey look different for absolutely everyone.

Maybe you’d love to transform your body and get your sexy pants on while still eating what you want.

Perhaps you’re getting married soon and want to shift those stubborn pounds – without starving yourself – so you can feel confident and look amazing for those photos.

It could be you’re ready to stop scrolling aimlessly through Pinterest looking for inspiration only to end up in front of the fridge eating mashed potatoes, a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, and whatever else you can get your hands on.


Or maybe, just maybe, you want to finally learn to love yourself.

Let me tell you this. I can absolutely help you, but I’m not into quick-fixes, fad diets or punishing yourself. 

Instead, I like going deep – finding out what’s holding you back and working on that. Because when you change your mind, you can change your body. Even better, you can change your life


Are you ready? Because I am. 


I work in many ways. There are short programs and longer ones. You can focus on stress, free yourself from food frustrations, or cut out some of the sugar from your diet. We have regular check-ins, and there’s always information, fun and support happening on my social media pages.

There’s also private coaching, where I can deep dive into what’s going on with you and discover how you want to feel. Then, working together, we design a roadmap to get to those feelings.

They can be 28-day jumpstarts – to get you off on the best foot possible – or 90-day intensive programs that create a really solid base from where to work. 

Each of our sessions will focus on one or two key areas. I’ll provide you with helpful handouts and actionable steps you can work on to keep the momentum going until we next work together. You’ll also have access to Voxer support from Monday to Friday between sessions.


Ready to start on the journey to your new life?

Perfect, because I’m here to set you on the right path.