I want to touch on another reason WHY you feel drained more than you’d like.

What do overcommitting, people who drain you, activities who drain you and foods that drain you all have in common?

YOU and your lack of boundaries.

Maybe you say yes to too many things and by the end of the day you’ve done everything everyone asked you to do and nothing YOU WANT to do.

Maybe you say yes to so many things because you were taught to do for others.

Or maybe you have a YES mentality because you know what it’s like to be let down and you don’t want that other person to have to feel that pain.

When you do that – who is ultimately getting let down???  YOU.

You spend your time doing so much for everyone but you that you are exhausted by the end of the day and obviously don’t feel like you got any of your “priorities” accomplished.

Boundaries go further than saying yes or no. 

They’re set in your relationships and the people you spend your time around.

In your work life.

Your relationship with food.

Your relationship with yourself.

So WHY is it so damn hard to set boundaries?

Because you value your relationships.

You value learning and going above and beyond.

You love getting the job done yourself.

You value your quantity of friends over the quality.

You want to fix other people’s problems because it’s easier to deal with than your own.

You want to be seen as the most valuable player.

You have a fear of missing out.

It’s not your fault you were programmed to think and behave this way. It really isn’t.

It takes a lot to go against what society has taught us we “should” do. Especially as women. We’ve been conditioned to nurture others. It’s what’s expected.

What if you actually look at your life and ask yourself where you can set new boundaries? Stronger boundaries? 

Think of how much time you’d have in your day if you cleared off all the BS tasks you pile on daily b/c you’re “obligated” to do them.

I bet there are multiple areas you can clean up.

Think of how much HAPPIER you’d be.

Imagine the HEALTHY relationships you now have b/c they energize you and empower you.

Just imagine for a minute if you VALIDATED yourself instead of seeking it from others.

This is just one more piece of the puzzle in creating your HAPPY & HEALTHY life.

In my current 12 week program we put a finger on the BS causing you pain and keeping you in the same loop day after day after day.

It’s time to make changes that will last you a lifetime. 

We learn from experience. If you’re constantly reading books and listening to free webinars and podcast it’s one thing to hear it. It’s another to actually implement.


You committing to taking action for 12 weeks with me guiding you and pulling you through the weeds. 

If I were you I’d jump on this b/c it’s easily a $5k program. I would pay that for this. I have paid more than that to bring this level of work to you.

Ask yourself what needs to change in order for you do this for yourself. 

Feel the tension rising?  Good. That means you’re on the right path.

You’ll never have a different experience in life if you’re not willing to do something different.

Becca xoxo

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