Have you tried cutting fat from your diet to lose weight only to gain more? You ate these foods because fat is the devil right? You were supposed to lose weight and feel sexy. But now you’ve gained more weight and feel further away from your goal. What gives?

Food is made up of four macronutrients:

  • Carbs
  • Protein
  • Fats
  • Water

Taking one macro away and replacing it with something else just doesn’t work. Typically, fat in these ‘low fat’ foods are replaced with sugar. Therefore, the product may indeed be low in fat but high in calories.

When a food says ‘low fat, ‘no fat’ or ‘fat-free,’ people tend to eat more of it because there’s no, or low, fat. Why? Fat is what makes us feel satisfied! Without it, you aren’t satisfied, and the food just doesn’t taste as good as its full-fat version. Which causes you to eat more because you want more and you justify it with, “it’s low fat, so I’m ‘safe’ to eat more of it.”

Sound familiar?

The body can only take a specific time of going without fat. While you think you’re doing yourself a favor by going ‘fat-free,’ you’re making your body more efficient at turning other food sources into body fat.

If you eat these kinds of foods to lose weight, you are NOT doing yourself any favors. Stop giving in to this nonsense!

fat free by Sergio Hayashi

‘Low fat,’ ‘no fat,’ nor ‘fat-free’ foods do not spare you calories.

These foods increase the amount of sugar you’re eating.  Remember if you take out a macro it has to be replaced with something else. Fat is the densest macro giving you the most energy/bang for your buck. Sugar will also provide you with energy, but in short quick bursts and sticks to your body, because your body just can’t process it.

These foods also don’t work because you justify over-eating.

I know some of you don’t and won’t believe me. Here are some of the signs of fat deficiency per ProHealth:

  • Dry skin
  • Lackluster skin
  • Dry, dull, brittle or unruly hair
  • Soft, fraying, splitting or brittle fingernails
  • Dry eyes
  • Dry mouth/throat
  • Excessive ear wax
  • Excessive thirst
  • Crave fats/fatty foods

How can you change your ways?

Simple.  Replace your ‘low fat,’ ‘no fat,’ and ‘fat-free’ foods with high-quality fats!

If you would like a list of high-quality fats, click here.

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No matter what, remember that you deserve to live a healthy and refreshing life, you are worthy of it and you can & will create it.


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How low-fats make you fat