It's not #selfish to #prioritize yourself. It means you're a role model, a leader, an inspiration. You go first.

The days of being selfless like you know them are over.

We are shifting what selfless means.

What if you were as selfless with yourself as you are with others???

Don’t get me wrong – I love helping others. That’s why I’m in this work. I’m called to help others shift out of what they currently know and do.

It’s my job to open and expand your mind and stretch you into the you you currently dream of.

I wouldn’t be able to live this awesome life and serve myself and people like this if I didn’t go first. If I didn’t put me above the other BS that used to bring me down.

I go first.

I know what it feels like to lead. What it feels like to do what makes me feel good first so I can help you do good in your life.

I go first.

Your needs have a right to be met. And, they have a right to be met without you pushingn yourself to your limits in the wrong direction.

You get to get in tune with what YOU ACTUALLY WANT!

Getting what you want for yourself does not make you a selfish, bad, greedy asshole.

It makes you an honest, authentic, beautiful person because you learned the skill to be true to yourself which means you’re being true to others. You naturally have more to offer b/c you’re so lit the fk up and energized!!!

What if you taking this step of prioritizing you means you’re the role model your child needs?

What if it means you’re the inspiration your sister or friend needs in her life?

What if you’re the ones others watch soar b/c you weren’t afraid to put yourself first.

That’s fucking empowering! Inspiring. Brave. Beautiful. Honorable.

That’s YOU.

Love, Becca

✨✨ PS – Happy & Healthy EARLY BIRD PRICING ENDS SOON!!! ✨✨

This is not a magic pill.

This is YOUR work to shift the BS stories you’ve been telling yourself about why you can’t have what you want. Specifically all the BS stories around what living a healthy life looks and feels like.

Living HAPPY & HEALTHY is different for every one of you.
We get clear on what it means for YOU specifically and then we create it.

Putting this off another day will NOT make it easier. Will not make you feel ready. And will not solve anything.

That’s just another story you’re telling yourself 😉

In HAPPY & HEALTHY we address all that.

Why you’re thinking the way you do and how you’re creating an endless trap for yourself that always leaves you feeling worn out, flustered, tired as shit, and like you’re living the same day on repeat.

That does not sound fun or happy! What sounds FUN? What makes you happy!?

Let’s create more of that please!!!

This is your journey and yours alone.

Yours does NOT look like your friend’s, sister’s, brother’s, co-workers, etc… This is YOURS.

We can start breaking through your barriers right here right now by raising your hand.

Be brave. Do what you know you need to do. If soul is telling
you this is for you then what are you waiting for?

It’s my HONOR to help you navigate the through the weeds.


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