The purpose is to give us energy and health so that we can enjoy the rest of our life. Wouldn’t you agree?

And yet, sometimes we get confused about this. Me included. One of the reasons I got into this work was the realization that I had been using food to numb out, escape or self soothe when I was dissatisfied with other areas of my life.

It became a compulsion.

I wasn’t actually hungry for food, but I couldn’t stop eating. Have you ever turned to food even though you weren’t physically hungry?

Almost every person I have talked to about this has at some point self-medicated with food, meaning they were searching for something to be fulfilled and trying to fill that void or emptiness or anxiousness with food.

And while it might work temporarily, it usually leaves you still wanting. That’s a sign that something is wanting your attention. And instead of recognizing the message in this “hunger” you only seem to recognize the feelings of dissatisfaction or anxiety and quickly turn to food to medicate ourselves. This is a compulsion.

Underneath that hunger is usually some area of our life where you’d like to be more expressed or devote more time and energy but it doesn’t feel safe to do so. It doesn’t feel like you deserve to put your time, energy and attention there.

Cue guilt, shame, doubt, more low vibe emotions cue more eating to self soothe….. it’s a vicious cycle.

So this is an opportunity to get really curious about what your body is trying to tell you. This is where I come in. One of my jobs is to help you decipher the language of your body so you can communicate effectively with yourself and have the deepest, most intimate relationship you’ve ever had with yourself. That starts with a willingness to feel what your body is telling you and for most that is uncomfortable.

Are you willing to learn the language of your body?

There are a lot of people that say to me, ‘‘I’m eating the healthiest food, I’m doing the healthy things, I don’t understand why it’s not working!’’

It’s because all that ☝☝☝is only half the equation.

I cannot stress that enough. Until you understand that you will not see the progress you want think you should be making in your health and it’s because of this…..

🛑🚧 If you are in the stress response… if you are in the fight, flight, or freeze response – your brain is telling your body, ‘‘Do not digest now.’’

When you’re late at work, when there is a deadline that you’ve missed. When you’re supposed to be picking up your kid from school and you can’t make it on time – that’s when your stress response is kicked in, stress response is turned on, and digestion is shut off.

Unless you know how to shut that off no amount of healthy eating or exercise will get you where you want to be.

Inside The Holistic Happy & Healthy Membership I teach how to just that and sooooooo much more.

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