If you saw my post yesterday about how much I love being pregnant I’d love to hear, if you’re a woman, how many times you’ve used that as an excuse to hold yourself back.

Or if you’ve never been in that position how many times have you heard a woman say she can’t do something because she’s pregnant?

I won’t lie, it’s my go to excuse right now when it comes to the little things. Yes, I’m human I like to be lazy AF around some things.

I’m pregnant I can’t wash Gabbie’s hair b/c it hurts when I bend over the tub (seriously tho it does…)

I can’t go out in public because my clothes don’t fit.

I can’t because my feet are so swollen I need to just lay here and chill

I can’t because I’m so tired, being pregnant is just so rough and draining.

Trust me it is my go to excuse when I don’t want to just set a boundary. It’s so much easier to make an excuse than to just tell someone I don’t want to do x because I just don’t feel like going.

Just today I heard one of my mentors say, “the excuse that works for us is the one that holds us back in everything else.”

This is so true!

I’ve been wanting to do live talks and workshops again but guess what – I’m pregnant and my clothes don’t fit.

I was wanting to get back into working out but guess what – I’m pregnant and I might fall over my clumsy ass feet.

When we make excuses for ourselves it’s hitting the easy button rather than addressing the elephant in the room.  

The elephant is your needs.

The elephant is the thing you bite your tongue on everytime you want to say something.

The elephant is  saying no to going to that event or watching the kids or picking up the other kid.

The elephant is you lacking clear boundaries in your life, being clear on what you want and knowing how to ask for it.

Maybe you say yes to too many things and by the end of the day you’ve done everything everyone asked you to do and nothing YOU WANT to do.  

Maybe you say yes to so many things because you were taught to do for others.

Or maybe you have a YES mentality because you know what it’s like to be let down and you don’t want that other person to have to feel that pain.

When you do that – who is ultimately getting let down???  YOU.

You spend your time doing so much for everyone but you that you are exhausted by the end of the day and obviously don’t feel like you got any of your “priorities” accomplished. 

You’ve spent so much of your day exhaling and giving you’re too exhausted to inhale and give yourself what you need to feel alive and happy and ready for more.

Boundaries go further than saying yes or no. 

Just like giving yourself what you need goes further than making a cup of coffee, taking a bath, or going for a walk.

Inhaling and giving yourself what you need is about you learning what you need on a soul level. It’s you feeding your heart and soul just like you would the rest of your physical being. 

People turn away when they hear self care or self love, why? Well why do you?

Because it triggers you and you’re guilty of not giving yourself more, you’re guilty of not taking care of yourself properly, you’re guilty of playing the victim and poor me I just don’t have the time. 


As I mentioned earlier, “the excuse that works for us is the one that holds us back in everything else.”

When we pick our excuses we pick the noblest thing we do and then completely avoid the fact that we squirrel out at night when the kids go to bed or in the morning before everyone else wakes up.

What are you really doing when you say you don’t have the time?

shopping’ but never buying anything

Netflix for hours


Stuffing your face with all the ‘bad’ foods because you’re so stressed out and don’t have the time even though you just wasted 30 minutes playing the victim when you could have been doing something productive.

I’m not saying to fill every minute of your day focusing on yourself. This is about seeing what’s really available for you, what’s actually possible if you cut the crap and just took responsibility for yourself.

If i can do everything I”m doing while 37 weeks pregnant I know damn well you can do it.

Every time you wait and procrastinate and make the excuse it gets harder to take the action.

What you long for is possible. You wouldn’t have the longing if you weren’t meant to have it in your life it’s that simple. That’s what makes us so unique.

When you see something you want and you’re triggered it’s your vision and already aligned for you and always has been – it’s just sitting in pause waiting for you to clear all your BS out of the way. That’s why you’re triggered!

It’s waiting for you to fucking decide and choose what’s actually possible for you and available for you.

It’s time to cut the crap and actually give yourself what you need to feel like you’re thriving not just surviving.

In my current 6 week program, we put a finger on the BS causing you pain and keeping you in the same loop day after day after day.

It’s time to make changes that will last you a lifetime.

We learn from experience. If you’re constantly reading books and listening to free webinars and podcast it’s one thing to hear it. It’s another to actually implement.

It’s also one thing to download a freebie and another thing to invest in yourself. That’s why I don’t just give this work away. I know that if I handed this stuff out for free you wouldn’t do the work. 

When you invest you commit and you get the damn result and you keep going until.

You’ll never have a different experience in life if you’re not willing to do something different.

Becca xoxo

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I want you to check in with yourself and ask…..

Fear, what would you have me do?

Faith what would you have me do?

Does this serve your SOUL expansion? Or does this serve the part of me playing small and staying stuck?
How will it feel tonight/ tomorrow if I choose this? Next week?  A year from now?

Quit playing small and staying stuck. 

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