This is you vs you.

I know some of you feel like quitting right now. It’s getting hard again. You’re getting scared. You’re creating unneeded drama and arguments and bullshit in your life. 

You’re intentionally creating obstacles so you can let yourself off the hook. 

I’m calling you to more. Quit that shit. Tune in with what’s really going on. 

What the hell are you so afraid of????

Failure? Looking like a fool? Standing alone? Success? What’s next?

This is you vs you.

You make it feel like the world is out to get you but it’s not.

The world will provide for you and give you exactly what you ask for.

It’s the internal struggle keeping you at a stand still. 

You have what it takes.

You’ve always had it

Look at your life. You have everything you’ve ever asked for. If you don’t have all the goodness, success, love, in your life that you desire what were you calling in instead? 

Were you afraid and making up scenarios or excuses as to what bad thing could happen? If so, look around. Is that what your life is filled with? Is it filled with all the bullshit stories and what if’s? If so, you called that shit in. You.

This is you vs you.


You’re so concerned with everyone else’s life but your own. It’s your distraction.

If you’d just pay attention to you you’d get there. You’d get everything you’ve ever wanted.

When you wake up what’s the first thing you do?

Get on your phone? Check Facebook or Instagram? Emails?


Because you’re so concerned to see what everyone else is up to. You’re so concerned about how you compare to them. 

Once you stop paying attention to everything that has nothing to do with you, your life will change.

What if you stayed in your lane of life?

You have everything you need within you. 

Why are you looking outside yourself for validation?

This is you vs you. Until you realize that and own that you will not change. You will keep comparing yourself to all the others that have what you want and are a thousand miles ahead of you. 

Stop paying attention to them. Stop trying to emulate everything they’ve done.

Focus on YOUR next step.

This is you vs you not you vs them.

Stop asking for others to lift you up, to give you what you want, for others to make it easy.

Are you willing to do what’s required????

This is you vs you.

I KNOW you can do this. 

I’ve been where you are. I know the feelings of self doubt. I’ll never get there. It hurts. What if I fail and fuck it all up. What if they get hurt. What if I get hurt. What if I end up alone or broke or hungry.

You want to know if someone believes in you, you need to hear it from someone outside yourself. 

They tell you they do with their mouth but you can see in their eyes they don’t. 

It’s not about them. It’s about you. 

When will you quit saying but…. But… but…. And ask yourself but what now?

As soon as you take your eyes off your goal, off your journey, off your soul desire you will trip and fall down. 

I can promise you if you look yourself in the mirror and just ask yourself what you need to do to be successful, what your next step is, what to do…. Your soul will tell you.

Your heart will tell you.

People ask me how I do what I do, what my routines look like.  The truth is I do whatever it takes. Whatever it takes.

I look myself in the mirror every day and ask what now…. 

I know it’s me vs me.

Am I willing to let myself be what stops me? Fk no.

This is you vs you. 

What’s your next step?

#justdoit #yougotthis #inhale

Becca, xoxo