“I think the habits that we’re seeing people adopt as a society [create] the perfect equation for long-term health consequences

Empty calories mean higher glycemic carbohydrates that increase blood sugar levels, added sugars that lower immune function, low fiber that impairs the gut microbiome,” she said. “Paired with sedentary lifestyles, stress and anxiety, it really creates the perfect storm to increased rates of obesity and cardiometabolic diseases

The appeal of comfort foods has led to adopting destructive behaviors to cope, like overconsumption of alcohol and overeating unhealthy foods, said Dr. Jasmol Sardana, a lifestyle medicine physician at the Barnard Medical Center. She further explained that external stressors such as loss of jobs, the troubles of working from home, child care, schooling responsibilities and the anxiety from the virus itself, can cause individuals to gravitate towards binge eating and emotional eating for comfort, which can lead to severe health issues.”


Ladies, your habits are within your control. Right now, you are running on autopilot and the cool thing about this is that you can choose to take control at any point. Sure there will be times you turn cruise back on, but you can always turn it off.

I wanted to share the statements above with you because it is PRECISELY why I created the Be Well with Becca membership. And, because I posted a picture last week that got some people asking how I ran my first 10k in hte middle of a pandemic. How did I find the will power, the motivation, the drive to get my ass out the door and run? How did I want to do it? How did I make time for it? What did I do that’s so different than you? Why is it so easy for you?

You guys – I am no different than you. Almost every time I laced up my shoes I was debating on not going for that run. What got my feet hitting the pavement was remdinging myself that running was more for my mental health than anything else. Yes I ahd a goal to run a certain distance. However, that goal turned into the key to a healthy mental and emotional state, the physical benefits were an added benefit.

If anyone should make the excuse of “i don’t have time” it should be me. I am not trying to downgrade your life or what you have going on, I am giving you perspective.

I am a mom of a 4 yr old and 1 yr old.

I am an RN who works night shift and up until recently was working 60-72 hours a week.

I am an entrepreneur with a growing business.

I am a wife.

I am a friend, a daughter, and everything in between.

I am becoming a SANE nurse which means more of my time.

I could definitely use the excuse “i don’t have time.”

As moms, as business owners, and empaths and everyone in between – there is no better time to DECIDE to take care of yourself than now.

We are in the middle of a pandemic you guys. Saying I don’t have time, or you feel guilty for focusing on you is nothing more than an excuse. You are as strong as your weakest excuse.

You either like the sound of taking care of yourself or you’re actively doing it.

This, ^^^^, is what got my ass in gear. My coach told me I was going down the path of my patterns – procrastination and feeling sorry for myself, letting my body sleep my days away.

No one can decide it’s time to lace up those shoes, to pull the pans out of the cabinet, to drink a glass of water except you. You and only you can make that call.

You can choose to use this pandemic as an excuse to eat the comfort foods, to drinkt he extra glass of wine, to be short tempered with your family, to _______. Or,  you can use this pandemic as your motivation to show yourself and your family there is no better time to prioritize you and your health.

Instead of feeling guilty for leaving my kids while I go run, I now feel empowered because my daughter told me it’s ok, she said she knows it makes me happy. Don’t you want to experience that?

Do you want to be the role model in your kid’s life?

Being healthy is not just about you, it’s not selfish. With working from home, child care, and changing school expectations – you have more control in your life more than ever even when it doesn’t feel that way. It’s about your perspective of the situation.

You can decide when you eat and what. You can decide what your family eats and what is offered. You can model healthy eating. YOu can model healthy coping. You can model healthy stress management.

The days of prioritizing yourself and your health being selfish are over. Those days are long gone. Your health is of the highest importance now more than ever.

If this pandemic is not a wake up call for you then what will it take? If your quarantine 15 (weight gain) is not it then what? If your kids’ declining health and increasing stress is not it then what?

If you’re waiting for everything to be just so,  you’re going to be waiting a lifetime. You have to be the change you desire in your life. It’s not always about feeling ready, you won’t always ‘feel’ ready to make a bold leap. You just have to do it and learn to fly along the way.

If this is speaking to you and you desire to have private support, I have 3 one/one spots open for coaching. If you’re not ready for that level of commitment or need a lower-cost option you have options. Schedule a free call with me or send me a message so we can figure out what you next intentional step forward is.


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