Temporary Fix

Eating out of boredom is only a temporary fix.


The problem is when you stop eating, you’re bored again. So you have to eat again. The reason you keep going back to the kitchen or the break room to eat again is that you’re still bored. In the Living Happy and Healthy Membership I teach my students how to know when you’re actually hungry,  because If you aren’t hungry when you start eating, how will you know when to stop?

Finding something to do besides eat when you’re bored isn’t about deprivation and willpower. It’s about expanding your options beyond food so you begin to build a bigger life.


First, think about why you are bored.


Have you been doing the same thing too long and just need a break or change of activity?

Do you need a little fun or pleasure in your day?

Do you need excitement?

Do you need a change of scenery?


It’s not about depriving yourself, it’s about feeling confident in your body, in yourself, and around any food in the room.


If you’re ready for a long-term fix drop by my Facebook group  where I give you tips and tricks every week to overcome just a temporary fix!