1 on 1 Coaching with Rebecca Branham

Harness your inner badass and learn to be confident and in control of your
long-term health and happiness.

Become Calm & Confident

Become Positive & Productive

Become Energetic & Empowered

Become Fit & Fantastic

There comes a time when you need to change.

If you’re here, reading this, you already know it.

The first step is often hard to make. Not the hardest, by any means. I’m not going to lie – you’re going to face some challenges.
You’re going to hit your upper limit time and time again when you work with me. 

But never fear, on this journey, I’ll be with you all the way.

My private coaching sessions focus on you.

And only you.

What’s going on in your life, the inner thoughts that are holding you back, how you cope with stress, and how purposeful you are in moments of setbacks (because we all have those). 

Again, it’s how purposeful you choose to be in those moments of perceived failure that determine your success.

Those moments are where transformation really happens. It’s about bringing to light the places where you previously would get stuck or derailed. 

Once we uncover what the real root is, then we work through all that so you can clear the blockages, alter your mindset and begin leading a genuinely healthy and happy life.

Because, let’s face it, you absolutely know what you need to do follow your heart – but you’re afraid.

What I teach you is to understand how to finally allow yourself to embody happiness and joy on a deeper level than ever before. After working with me you will be able to create happiness inside of yourself and embody it so that you’re not waiting for that shoe to fall out of the sky. 

Happiness will no longer be fleeting in your life. You will no longer rely on external sources or outside validation. You will create your own internal source of happiness, joy and confidence.  When you do that, you won’t feed off fear loops anymore and you’ll set yourself free. 

You know exactly what you should be eating and how much exercise you should be doing. 

You’ve read the books from all the experts, signed up at different gyms, tried swimming or dancing or yoga. 

You’ve meditated and created a gratitude journal. 

You’ve tried to go to bed earlier. 

You just can’t seem to stick at it.


That’s because it’s time to go deeper. It’s time to stop thinking the superficial work is enough.

What I mean is this…

In those moments when you’re in the thick of it, relying on “woo woo methods” like law of attraction and affirmations will not work unless you have truly mastered your mind and understand when it’s time to do your work. Saying affirmations and pushing away the feeling you want less of is the perfect storm for back-end manifesting.

Those lower vibe feelings are not going to turn into joy, confidence and courage at the flip of a switch. Saying affirmations is not enough to bring you out of those feelings. Instead, it triggers lower vibe thoughts, self-doubt, and imposter syndrome among other feelings.

That’s where I come in to support you and give you guidance. 

You are worth being supported. As a thought leader you have a high calling on your life. You require more than most and I am here to support you.


Think about how you want to be:

Calm and confident?

Positive and productive?

Energetic and empowered?

Fit and fantastic?


What if I said you could be all that and more?


Together, we’ll work out your goals, aspirations and the legacy you want to leave behind – and this isn’t just about how you’ll look but also how you’ll feel – then create a roadmap to get there.

You’ll discover the beliefs, behaviors and emotions that are damaging to both yourself and your relationships, embrace new habits and behaviors  – that serve the life you desire – to align with your life.

Gone will be the noise in your head that holds you back. Replaced, instead, by thoughts and feelings that honor your true self and manifest what you want and need.

Instead of self-sabotaging habits, there’ll be self-care that nourishes your soul and lets you accept the gifts life is waiting to offer you.

You’ll harness your inner badass and learn to be confident and in control of your long-term health and happiness.

There’ll be no need to compare yourself to others because your own life will be full of passion, power and purpose.


Ready to begin your new life?

How does private coaching work?

Be Willing to Go Deep

My one-on-one sessions go deep. First, we discover what you want to feel, then we map out how to get there. Be ready to learn a lot about yourself. But most of all be ready to learn to love yourself.

Being willing to be witnessed in such raw vulnerability takes a level of bravery and courage most live their whole life avoiding.
For my clients – they already know this discomfort.

Untangle the Trauma

orBig trauma and “little” trauma – they’ve been there (myself included). The amount of healing I am able to help my clients achieve comes from having healed these wounds myself first. Be it mental abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse or seemingly smaller things that had a large impact – I see you.

You are not alone.

Every client of mine has been through trauma. It’s in my world that they find a place safe enough to unwind, unload, emotionally untangle and call home.

Ignite Your Dreams

,This is why intimate support is so important. It’s in these dark places where the trauma, pain, and suffering are so emotionally entangled with joy, freedom, and unbirthed dreams…

When you finally allow yourself to be immersed in my world, you will ignite your dreams, see the possibilities before your very eyes and experience your untapped potential. Working together allows me to help you untangle the emotions so we can bring your dreams, possibilities and potential into your reality and make them your life.

My Client Denise Said…

“To think my dreams are going to come true is fucking mind blowing. but I don’t want to start that until i get my mindset under control and my weight under control. I can keep putting it off until until until….. I can always wait until I’m further along in my own journey.

When I stumbled onto my lifelong dream out of the blue, I thought my brain was sabotaging me from losing weight. Like, was I taking another detour. This couldn’t possibly be a part of my journey. am I just making more excuses? There will always be something. Every month there will be something… a period… something.

It’s not like if I diet I can’t leave my house ever again. I can trust myself. It’s a lie that I can’t. I can choose the healthier option but I’d rather choose the thing I know makes me feel shitty because it’s rebelling. I just have to choose.”


Denise was able to release the guilt and soar!

This is what Denise was up against when it came time to make the commitment to invest in herself – the guilt loaded up. We were able to quickly reframe this guilt because of the NLP work I sprinkled in.

She was able to see that this was finally her time to stop going after shiny objects to get that instant gratification fix that never arrived. It was time to focus on long-term gains. She realized this was worth her time, energy, money and effort not just for herself but for that beautiful daughter of hers you see there.

You see, Denise was robbed from a lot of things in life as a young mom. Having a kid at 17, a lot of things are taken from you. It doesn’t matter if that child was the best gift ever, you missed out on a lot of growth opportunities. She always had to sacrifice.

She decided that this was her time and you can too! If this mother, wife, caregiver to other family members and multi-entrepreneur can do this, so can you.

You said you are willing to do things that are hard in order to grow. Sometimes those hard things are like investing hard cold cash in yourself. That takes a stance in your life and represents more than just buying some material thing. It represents your commitment and shows your family that it is your turn, you are your priority now and without that it’s going to be a little difficult to unpack all of these habits, the growth and the freedom that you really want.

“I dove into working with Becca because she had always been an amazing listener and a positive being. Her energy has always drawn me to talk with her before starting to work with her because she radiates calm and peace. I decided to work with Becca because if a simple conversation in passing can lead me to feeling better, what would a session cause?

I chose to work with Becca over someone else because Becca is not a person with a gimmick or making empty promises. Her guidance is invaluable and hard to find in anyone else.

Originally when I started working with Becca, I was working on my weight. I rapidly discovered that a whole journey needed to occur that included breaking the patterns I had been taught and instead creating my personal truth.

My top 3 accomplishments since embarking on this journey with Becca include…

Identifying my own beliefs and others that have been projected onto me, building the foundations of my confidence so that I can grow into my best me, understanding and repairing my previous eating patterns into a healthy and sustainable way of life

I love working with Becca because each session has caused growth and self reflection. I never leave any session thinking that I wasted my time or that it didn’t serve a purpose.

The thing that surprised me the most about working with Becca was the amount of insight that can be brought about by a person that is trained and thoroughly enjoys what they do. Becca doesn’t work from a script or a written way for her clients, she doesn’t correct or scold but helps you accomplish things you didn’t know you were capable of.

I am so grateful I for this entire experience. Everything about it has exceeded my expectations. I feel so much more at peace with myself since I started working with Becca. Everything has fallen more into place in each aspect of my life. My expectations were low to start with, not because of Becca or the work that she does, but because my expectations of my capacity for growth was low. Working with Becca has brought my self confidence and personal joy to an all time high and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

Take the plunge, you won’t regret it and you just might surprise yourself.”

- Ashleigh

What is it like working with me?

 Intimate, fun, it’s an experience you’ve never had before.
And while I can’t tell you exactly what you’re going to expect, I can tell you about my process because I have a success path 🙂
Here’s some of it!

The breakdown comes before the break through, then commitment.

Committing to intentions for long term health and happiness is fucking emotional because we are literally untangling a knot of emotions that you have been avoiding for so long. Or maybe you’re not even aware of it.

I imagine you have an idea of it though and I say that because that’s why it’s so hard to commit to change. Emotional freedom in my world means long term success – we’re not putting a bandaid on things anymore and that means liberation.

Take my client Danielle, for example. She was tired of investing in her health when she stumbled into my world. She didn’t want to invest in her health anymore but the universal nudges were so strong she couldn’t resist.

She spent years being told by physicians she had too many health issues, she would never get better, she was “text book crazy,” and on it went. She was on the verge of giving up (the breakdown comes before the breakthrough, then commitment).

Ignoring the Noise

The next thing we will move into is ignoring the noise because it’s really hard to change the way you are. As you start changing people will see you in a different light and there’s going to be noise and people who want to knock you down (intentionally or unintentionally). So we work on how to ignore that noise so you don’t get stuck.

Danielle thought she was coming to me to just lose weight. She said, “I needed to lose weight and get healthy. I didn’t know I needed less stress, less trauma-based control and more self care.”

“I have lost weight (75 pounds so far!) and I have had a complete mindset shift. Confidence Shift, Self care is now something I use daily – and because of that my businesses have thrived and so has my marriage.”

This was able to happen because Danielle was finally able to ignore the noise of toxic family/relationships, a business she wanted to let go of that was draining her, the doctors that weren’t serving her. Ignoring the noise is where soooo many people get stuck because they’re caught up in people pleasing and making others happy instead of honoring themselves first.

If you want to set yourself free, you HAVE to be willing to ignore the noise (even your own inner noise).

Rewiring Old Behaviors

Then we move on to rewiring your old behaviors. So now you’ve ignored the noise and you’re feeling good but now we really need to imprint your new behaviors so they become effortless and easy for you to do.

We do this by specific tools I teach inside the membership, Mastering Food Freedom, or working with me privately.  Long story short, it takes time. Again, I DO NOT USE BANDAIDS!!!!

There is no magic bullet for this work. This is you healing,  you guys. You cannot rush this. It takes a certain amount of time and calibration in the beginning.

Danielle was also hesitant to go on this journey because of all the things she was already committed to – where would she find the time….

She said, ”I got time back, I made more money, I have less struggle with trauma-based control. All because I thought I needed and wanted to lose weight.”

If you don’t feel like it’s the right time or you can’t justify spending the money on this with Becca DO IT!!! By working on these areas of my life I unlocked my earning potential. The stress in my life is so much less. I also have more time to invest in myself and the power struggle of trusting someone else to guide me has given me the ability to hire who I need so that I can give myself what I need.”

– Danielle

Your desires and dreams are yours for a reason. It’s all connected and entangled.
All of it, even when it seems like it can’t be.
They’re not the secrets you need to hide in shame, guilt and secrecy.
Not anymore. It’s time to liberate you.

Come with me, I’ll show you how…

Here are some of the ways you can work with me privately: 

90-Day Intensives

When you’re ready to create a solid foundation upon which to build your dream life, this is where to start.

After three months, you’ll have attained:

  • New levels of strength and confidence.
  • More energy to create healthy relationships, with yourself and others.
  • A lifestyle that you desire (not the one people think you should want).

People will be able to see the changes in you because, of course, you’ll have lost weight, there’ll be no more bloating, your skin will be clear, your hair shiny and you’ll carry yourself with a newfound confidence.

Better than that, though, you’ll feel the changes deep within yourself.

28-Day Jumpstart

Need a good kick in the pants? You might already be working on your health and fitness, or are just about to empty the pantry of sugary treats and buy yourself a new pair of running shoes.

That’s brilliant, but you also need to clear your thoughts, refocus your goals and take a holistic approach to health and happiness.

This short program will equip you with all the tools you need to begin creating a new you.

The Private Coaching Difference

Whatever the length of private coaching you choose, you’ll get a clarity call with me right at the start so we can set your path and discover exactly what you need and what will work for you. Then we’ll focus on one or two key areas of concern each week in 30-minute calls. You’ll also get unlimited Voxer access to me from Monday through Friday for extra accelerated support between sessions. Helpful handouts along the way, as well as actionable steps, will keep the momentum going.

There’s also a private Facebook community for my private clients, along with weekly group calls that include 15 minutes of laser coaching for anyone on the call. There’s no obligation to join in, but these are great if you’ve got the time.

As an added bonus, if you’re an entrepreneur you can promote your business and products in my Facebook groups.


Ready to amp up your life? Here’s how to get started.

  1. Schedule your free, no-obligation consultation with me right here.
  2. Answer some quick questions as you’re making the appointment. This lets me know a bit more about you and what you’re looking for before we talk.
  3. Then it’s time! Our chat is a chance to make sure we’re a good match. Plus, we’ll discover what’s holding you back and what course of action you need to change that.
  4. If we are a match I will make a program recommendation based off our conversation. If you decide to work with me, I’ll give you the exact steps for getting started. If you’re not sure we’re the right fit, that’s OK, too. I’m happy to share some other resources with you to help you work toward what you need.

Meet Abbie…

 Like so many of us, Abbie had spread herself sooooo thin across all areas of her life.

Abbie realized nothing in her life would change unless she took charge and made the change happen.

She said, “I realized I wasn’t honoring my own boundaries, I was over giving and pouring into everyone but myself.”

I was able to open up so easily about my life struggles with my husband, my self image, my food addiction, not caring for my self properly, not spiritually taking care of my relationship with Jesus.

I have a lot of deep wounds from my childhood trauma, also from past relationships, and I’m working on healing and growing in my marriage. There has been a lot of damage on both ends of our marriage and we are working through it. Becca is helping me process it. Along with keeping my faith in Jesus I know our marriage will be stronger than ever because of the struggles we have been through. I’m so thankful for Becca’s support and love. None of this would have been possible if I hadn’t had the courage to prioritize myself above all else.”

 – Abbie


I love working with Becca because of her love, caring, tender heart, she is hard when she needs to be with you, she speaks truth!! I love that! There is no sugar coating anything she is honest and very knowledgeable. She loves her family and clients. Self care is her Mantra. 

The number one reason I’d recommend Becca is because she has helped a person like me who has never in 40 years had self confidence ever in her life finally with (Jesus help also). I know who I am. I see myself beautiful on the inside the way God wants me to see myself. That is what Becca has helped me find in myself. She helped me find me. The real me. The me I never knew existed or forgot about I don’t know. I have confidence in who I am. God put her in my life for a reason. I thank him everyday for her.

- Abbie