$397.00 USD

90 Minute Deep Dive Session

If you want to experience radical shifts then book your session!

This isn't just any call. It's a deep dive to uncover what's really holding you back and sabotaging your progress. Together, we'll identify these obstacles and work on strategies to clear them, setting you on a path to move forward with greater alignment and focus 🔥

  • Uncover the specific mental and emotional blocks that are hindering your progress.
  • Learn to view your challenges not as barriers, but as opportunities for growth so you can scale your business.
  • Gain a deeper insight into your thought patterns and behaviors that are holding you back and learn what to do about it.
  • Build confidence in your ability to handle future challenges and make decisions.
  • Experience emotional release and start a healing process, especially in integrating aspects of yourself that you've struggled with.
  • Leave the session with clear, actionable steps to implement in your daily life and business.


No refunds. All sales are final. 

What People Are Saying:

Before the session, I felt heavy and bogged down, unable to pinpoint exactly what was holding me back. I was ready for a change, but I never anticipated how profound the session would be. During our time together, my entire perspective shifted. I learned to view my mental blocks not as enemies, but as protectors. This new understanding allowed me to integrate my shadows with curiosity rather than judgment, transforming them from obstacles into opportunities for growth. The biggest insights for me? Realizing that my strength comes from my pain, and that acknowledging and giving voice to my inner struggles is a powerful form of self-healing. It was like nurturing my inner child and finally giving her the space and acceptance she craved. Now, when I encounter a block, I see it as a catalyst for growth, the fuel to my business rather than the brakes. Thank you for creating such a safe and transformative space. 💘💕

Salwa K.