Are you READY to flip your thinking, so those little voices in your head won’t be able to control you? 

You’ve been craving feeling good without sacrificing what you enjoy. 

But there’s always something that seems more important – you haven’t been able to prioritize yourself, and you’re ready for that to change.

You’ve gotten a few quick wins but not long-lasting results.

Leaving you feeling discouraged, overwhelmed, and unhappy with everything in your life, nothing seems to fit or feel amazing. 


It feels like quick-fix and toxic guilt trips have taken over your life. 


Your journey to health & happiness has been a series of ups and downs. 

Starting and stopping. 

Feeling great then guilty. 


All of it is emotionally exhausting and none of it helps how you feel.


You know there’s got to be more and realize it’s time to simplify, implement a proven strategy that works, and get the support you need to finally peel back the layers and talk to the version of you who’s clinging to old behaviors that are keeping you stuck.

That’s exactly why I created… 

Starting for the same cost as a daily coffee!!

A 6-month experience designed to help you overcome sabotage, and rewire old behaviors, so you can actually live a life you love.





  • Commit to intentions for long-term health and happiness. Together we’ll find the foods that fuel you, and unveil what your body needs and wants.
  • Learn to ignore the noise. That includes reprogramming your mind to communicate with your body in an effortless way to honor you. 
  • Rewire old behaviors. We’ll identify what triggers regression and learn to embrace those triggers as tools for continued growth and long-term success. 
  • Create a nourishing self-care menu to replace the desire for less stress and finally feel emotionally free. 
  • Recognize your badassery, learn to show up confidently, and embrace control of your long-term happiness and health.

We’re going to flip your thinking, so those little voices in your head won’t be able to control you. You’ll be able to talk back to them, take away their power, and regain your composure.

And we’re not going to stop there because we know this is a bigger, deeper journey. 

You’ll also get immediate access to Prep-work, Curriculum, the online Community, Office Hours schedule. 

Starting for the same cost as a daily coffee!!



Balancing Blood Sugar Challenge

Journaling Sequences

Worksheets to get you started on the right path


Living Happy and Healthy Membership formerly Mastering Food freedom has 12 Phases + bonus content!

Here you’ll gain complete confidence in your choices, yourself, and your follow-through ability!

With access to new trainings as we add them to the program.


Gain feedback & support from the Private Facebook group.

Plus, many of our students have networked, collaborated and created amazing friendships and business opportunities together


Office Hours

Bi-Weekly office hours with Becca and support coaches for feedback in our Facebook Group.

As you grow, your questions will also change.

You can count on support every step of the way.

Hear from past clients who have gone through Living Happy and Healthy Membership

Hear what Amy had to say:

As a registered nurse herself, she saw herself in so many of her patients and felt discouraged when it came to her weight loss journey because she had tried so many other approaches.

She felt disheartened, doubt, insecure – where to even start. She had already invested so much of her time, energy and money.

After talking with me she realized this was about so much more than weight loss, so much more than a number on the scale.

This was about the rest of her life!

She now understood that what she decided to do now was either setting her up for success or setting her up for failure later in life. She saw that she could chose to use this program as another tool in her toolbox along with the skillset to know when to use the tools I would teach her and most importantly she gained mindset ninja moves she never had before – that combination changed everything for her.

Even though it felt scary to invest in herself this way at first, because she had never done something like this before, she now proudly tells everyone it was her best decision ever because it helped her realize she is her number 1 asset, her health and happiness is about so much more than weight, and she doesn’t have to trade her life in for deprivation – she actually gets to live her life while healing!


The reason I worked with Becca is I knew I needed someone who could help me create a healthier lifestyle and encourage me along the journey. Becca’s positive energy combined with her joy and freedom of coaching and nursing expertise is what attracted me to working with her. I knew from watching her Facebook live videos and posts that she would help provide me with honest feedback and help motivate me to live a healthier lifestyle. Becca’s flexibility with my schedule. I would sometimes be late to our group meeting times because of work but she was totally understanding and super nice about it all. Working with Becca was amazing!! Her positive energy and optimism made working with her such a great experience!!

Denise was able to release the guilt and soar!

This is what Denise was up against when it came time to make the commitment to invest in herself – the guilt loaded up. We were able to quickly reframe this quilt because of the NLP work I sprinkled in.

She was able to see that this was finally her time to stop going after shiny object to get that instant gratification fix that never arrived. It was time to focus on long-term gains. She realized this was worth her time, energy, money and effort not just for herself but for that beautiful daughter of hers you see there.

You see, Denise was robbed from a lot of things in life as a young mom. Having a kid at 17 a lot of things are taken from you. It doesn’t matter if that child was the best gift ever, you missed out on a lot of growth opportunities. She always had to sacrifice.

She decided that this was her time and you can too! If this mother, wife, caregiver to other family members and multi entrepreneur can do this so can you.

You said you are willing to do things that are hard in order to grow. Sometimes those hard things are like investing hard cold cash in yourself. That takes a stance in your life and represents more than just buying some material thing. It represents your commitment and shows your family that it is your turn, you are your priority now and without that it’s going to be a little difficult to unpack all of these habits, the growth and the freedom that you really want.


Starting for the same cost as a daily coffee!!

Just like Amy, Amanda and Denise, This Happy and Healthy Membership is here to help you be confident AND in charge of your health and happiness WITHOUT the stress of failure.


When you enroll now, we’ll immediately get started balancing your blood sugar within the first 3 weeks so your cravings aren’t controlling your life and sabotaging your efforts. 

Now, it’s your turn!

Have we met? 

I’m Becca!

Expert Holistic Health, Life and Mindset Coach + master NLP practitioner + RN. And let’s get the most important thing out of the way.

More than anything, the entire reason for Mastering Food Freedom’s existence is to help you create a thriving life.

Because if you’re succeeding, that means we are. That is literally it.

My passion is helping others feel empowered and attuned to their body. How do I do that? By helping you show up for yourself like never before!


In 2015, when I was working as a nurse, I was exhausted and treating myself horribly. My job was consuming me. Sure, I was aware of all the things I “should” have been doing – eating regularly, getting exercise, taking time out for myself – but it never happened.

Sound familiar? 

All around me I saw awesome men and women talking crap about their bodies, their eating habits, their minds, their relationships with others and themselves. On and on it went. It made me furious. So, after four years as a nurse, I changed lanes.

My nursing gave me insight into how people deal with their health (or not). So I returned to study and earned my qualifications in health and lifestyle coaching + became a master neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner.


 Now, I’m a total nerd when it comes to personal development meshed with emotional intelligence/entanglement, and my obsession is helping others feel whole while doing what they love with who they love.

I’ve been through the long nights, the crying kids, the tears, the trauma, the debt, you name it. And I was able to come out of it in full alignment and attuned to my body with a deeper understanding of myself than I’d ever had before.

Now it’s my turn to help you do the same so you can love your body and Master Food Freedom so you can finally have the confidence you desire and live your freaking life! 

I’m so excited to meet you, welcome you into our family and work together for the next 6 months.

Starting for the same cost as a daily coffee!!

I’ve helped dozens of others just like you walk through this journey.

Here’s some of the things they had to say

Starting for the same cost as a daily coffee!!

Living Happy and Healthy Membership  IS RIGHT FOR YOU IF …


✨ You know your health & happiness is deeper than your weight but how to be happy with yourself if you’re not happy with how you look? You know the superficial tactics won’t work. 


✨ You’ve been there, done that and it just didn’t give you the deep change you crave.



✨You understand that this is a journey and you know this is not going to happen overnight. You’ve tried all the things and you still want to lose about 10 pounds now. You get to have both.


✨ YOU’RE READY to heal the deeper stuff you’ve been avoiding looking at, you know it’s the real reason you’re clinging onto the weight, unhappiness, and behaviors that don’t serve you anymore.




Lifetime access

Lifetime access to all of the step by step training materials so you can jump in fast and start making progress right away!

  • Included in the membership site is trainings, resources, templates, NLP journal sequences and MORE!

Value $20,000

Expert Coaches

Access to a complete team of expert coaches, mentorship and community so you never have to wait to get the exact support you need!

Value $20,000

Personal Success Coach

12 months of access to your own personal success coach who will hold your feet to the fire, support you, get intimately involved in your success … so you always have the deep support you need to move forward each week!

      • Weekly touchpoints
      • Biu-Weekly office hours
      • Accountability

Value $10,000



My team and I are here to check in with you and help you work through your journey. Value $10,000

Community Support

6 Months Access to our private community where not only do you get daily support from the coaches but also access to networking and strategic partnerships. Value $3,000

So…What’s the Investment?

Starting for the same cost as a daily coffee!!

Three months from now you could be looking back on how much you’ve grown. 

Six months from now you could be looking back on how much happier you are in all areas of your life. 

1 year from now you could be looking back on how you are Living Happy & Healthy: Prioritize yourself and Transform Your Life! 


The bottom line is this – when you commit to mastering food freedom You will be in charge of your long-term health and happiness WITHOUT sacrificing and sabotaging.

You will be able to breathe, relax, and truly enjoy your life and do more of what brings you joy.  

Remember without challenge, there is no change and without practice, there is no progress. Stop worrying about perfection and start investing in yourself. 

I am a busy mom, entrepreneur, business owner, service provider or person. How much time will I need to get the most out of the program?
Depending on your pace, I recommend for your first 4-6 weeks you dedicate 3 hours per week to the program: 60-90 minutes to participate in our group coaching sessions plus 90-120 minutes per week for study, practice and implementation.

Through mastering food freedom I’ll be guiding you through this entire process giving you curated information – preventing the overwhelm.

This saves you time because you are getting curated information along with simple, straightforward action steps. 

I’ve worked with a coach before. Why do I need Living Happy and Healthy as well?
Most health coaches do not have the holistic approach or expertise offered inside this program. If you want to master food freedom and heal your relationship with food and yourself in a whole lot less time, then this is the right program for you.
I’m not sure group is for me. Do I have to be active with others?
All of the content in this program is designed to be self-paced and the curriculum is pre-recorded. Group calls are recorded for you to watch and you can submit your questions ahead of time to be addressed without being present. 

There are many perks to group vs individual coaching such as… 


  • Group coaching costs less than individual coaching, that however does not take away the power of group. Group programs can be more powerful than private coaching because you have more people offering you constructive feedback.
  • Groups promote social skills. After covid we have been isolated long enough, this is your chance to build community and put an end to so much isolation with a group of people who get you and where you’re going.
  • Groups can propel you forward. Hearing how other members successfully overcame something similar can be very encouraging and may be all the support, motivation and accountability you’ve been missing/needing/craving.
  • Groups provide a sounding board. Not only do you have expert coaches as a sounding board, you have your peers to help you see your current situations from a different perspective you may otherwise not have. 
  • Groups provide support. Hearing from others with similar issues helps you see that you’re not alone.
Do You Still Have Questions?

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Please email us at or chat with us directly!