As I write this I’m sitting in the hospital next to little Cooper. The poor guy is jaundiced. Levels just kept rising so here we are.

When I said I wanted to be able to work from anywhere I guess I should have been more specific but hey, I’m learning to be flexible and make my business work even more for me – location freedom baby!

The thing that’s hitting me the most is how fast the parent-child bond can form if you want it and allow it. I say this because when he first got here and was freaking out I was talking to him trying to calm him down. He puts himself closest to my voice, physically trying to get closer since he knows I’ll comfort him. 

It hurts my heart not being able to soothe him right now.

Even though it totally sucks being inside the hospital again I know we’re exactly where we’re meant to be right now and I’m ok with that. We are always taken care of and always safe. 

We always have everything we need in the moment even if it doesn’t feel like it. 

Today my message is simple – share the love I feel overflowing in my heart with you. And, share my experience as a mompreneur making life work for me. 

Right now isn’t the greatest for me and my family but, I choose to make the situation work for me just like you can. 

When times get tough I like to step back and ask myself how is this for me? What am i learning here? What is my lesson?

If I can show up and do what’s required so can you.

Love you,

Becca, xoxo

PS – The Baby Mama Lifestyle is in creation!!!

If you didn’t catch the Livestream about this check it out here, it’s short.  If you don’t have time for a watch here’s the low down…

I’m tired of women telling pregnant women they’ll never lose the weight or it’ll take them years to let it go. Why are they negative like this? Because that’s what they choose to believe.

Mama, you can lose that baby weight and you will! 

This program is for baby mamas new and old. So if you’re like me and just delivered or will be soon, or if you had your babies and just can’t get your health/weight/stress/wellness in order then this is for you!

This is not a “diet” – fk that!

This is about creating a lifestyle that leaves you thriving and empowered. Once you get this under your belt you’re ready to trust your intuition, eat without ‘dieting’/starving/depriving yourself and you’ll release all the rules about how losing the baby weight ‘should’ look.

This is for those women who are fking ready to actually create a healthy lifestyle for yourself and empower your kiddos and family to do the same 🙂

Details are in the works!!!!  

If this sounds interesting for you or someone you know please share or tag them! Sharing is caring!

If you want more info then PM me here!

My goal is to help you see all the choices possible for you and that includes determining if you’re a clear yes or a clear no for this program. PM so we can chat and see if it’s a fit for you 🙂