I’ve been doing ya’ll a huge disservice. Yep, true story…

I haven’t been talking or showing much of my pregnancy because I feel like it’s so annoying seeing other women talk about it because I cannot stand being pregnant. 

I know there are people who just want to have that experience and can’t. I get that. But this is MY experience within my life. 

Yeah, being pregnant is a beautiful, weird, awe-inspiring part of life BUT my body is not mine. I am not myself. 

It’s uncomfortable. It’s having no clothes that fit. It’s having feet so swollen that I can’t get them in any of my damn shoes and getting to the point where sandals are getting hard to get on.

It’s just not my cup of tea.

But you know what is impressive?

All the crazy balsy shit I’ve been doing BECAUSE I am pregnant. 

I’m here to inspire others and show them what’s possible. Being pregnant and doing all the things I’ve been doing is not something the typical pregnant woman would be doing.

She’d be easing off the gas and playing it safe, nesting, cleaning, and preparing, showing off pics of her adorable baby bump.

Fuck that. 

If you know me you know I’m not ‘normal.’

I found out I was pregnant, yes we had done this intentionally lol actually planned it, and i went into a depression. It hit HARD.

I literally went to work at the hospital and that was it. I lived in my bed. Shut myself off from the world…. Because I was pregnant and everything I was about to do was fucked. It felt so overwhelming and irritating and annoying.

Until I woke the fk up and realized how it was all happening perfectly for me. Everything and I do mean everything, happens for us at exactly the right time.

I got myself out of my sob story (thank you meds!) and did what most people wouldn’t do. I invested in myself. The program Mandy was running resonated so strongly with me it was like she made it for me. So I leapt. 

I knew damn well I wasn’t going to be working much longer and finances were tight. O well. 

When you make a decision and back it with aligned action everything falls into place.

I’ve invested in myself before then and over and over since then (May 2019). You know what was different?

Before I was pregnant I only half-assed everything because I know I’ll get the results because that’s just who I am. It always works out that way.

This was different because since waking the fk up I’ve been GOING ALL IN. 

I don’t live a typical life and never will.  That does not appeal to me. I live a life full of possibilities and availability and doing crazy shit that feels aligned like investing thousands of dollars in myself when I’m on the brink of delivering this kid any day.

And you know what – when you back yourself relentlessly. When you take the brave action that scares the living shit out of you. When you have the courage to claim what you want anything, and I do mean anything, is possible.

That’s how I made over $31,000 in one month (August 2019).

Yes, you read that correctly. I haven’t been public about it because you’re a bad person if you talk about how much money you make.  

Fuck that.

I’m pregnant as fk and on my way to bringing in $37k+ consistently and WITH EAST people. 

If I’m not a version of anything and everything is possible when you DECIDE to finally go all in IDK what is.

Stop flaking out on yourself.

If you have the desire or longing or want it’s because it’s already aligned for you. It’s already yours. 

All you have to do is decide to allow it into your life.

How much longer are you going to keep hitting pause on what you want in life?

#thatisall #itsnotaboutme

Becca, xoxo