Hurting my back and Being home these last several weeks has been such a blessing. I never knew how much I was missing out on.

I’m such an abundant woman 🥰🥰💫🦋
My family is beautiful, happy and healthy.
The amount of time I’ve had to spend with them and working on my business as been surreal.
I have had download after download come through me….
There’s so much to be great full for ❤️

I wouldn’t have seen what was right in front of me without me having this opportunity to be off work. So thank you universe! More please!

Friday I had my MRI, today I get to find out what in the world I actually did to my back. My heart tells me I’m not going back to work anytime soon at the hospital and that’s ok.

The universe always has plans for us you guys. When I first got the news that I would drop to part time back in June I was freaked out because it was too fast when my boss told me I would go part time. She told me my part time date would be July 24 then extended it to aug 22. You guys, I haven’t worked bedside since July 25 😳

I thought back in June it was too fast and I couldn’t financially, mentally, or emotionally handle it. I didn’t know HOW.
I wasn’t trusting.
I didn’t have the faith I have now.

The universe said I was ready and I didn’t trust myself….

This hasn’t happened by accident.

I have literally taken aligned step after step after step.

I’ve never felt so alive, free, deep, aligned – even when my emotional waves hit. The waves are just splashes now likes water lapping at my feet.

This is just the beginning and I wouldn’t have had the courage to step out of my comfort zone without the opportunity my physical back pain brought with it.

With every so called obstacle you can choose to shrink down and say poor your OR your can see how it is for you and spread your wongs and fly and trust the universe will send a gust of wind your way so you can soar.

Which feels more exciting?

I choose soaring all day long 🦋💫🦋