Moms out there – this one is for you.

I’m going to be real with you – having another kid scares the shit out of me. 

While journaling (yes I make time for that, non-negotiable) it hit me that once Cooper is born I may be overwhelmed with all the kid stuff. 

I may not have time to do what needs to get done for me. But, I know all the kid’s needs are met. 

My daughter is almost 4. She has appointments and is about to be enrolled in some extra activities like swim lessons and possibly dance again or gymnastics. Will she get to her practices and appointments on time?  HELL YES!

Cooper will be here any day, if he’s like my daughter he may require time in the NICU and frequent doctor appointments after he’s released. Will he get to all his appointments? HELL YES!.

When they’re older will they be involved in all kinds of activities and social lives and all the other things kids want and love to do – I’m sure. 

Who will be required to get them to all those places? Most likely me. I’m their mom.

I’m fortunate enough to have a husband who is more than willing to help out, however, I know that’s not the case for many moms out there. 

For many of them it looks like taking their kids from place to place to place while trying to manage getting their ass to work on time, remembering to take a shower and brush their teeth in the morning, getting their kids stinky butts washed, combing everyone’s hair and god forbid you’re allowed to eat a healthy breakfast if one at all.

It doesn’t stop in the afternoon either. It’s off work, run to pick up one kid then another, then another. Take them all to their own stuff so they fit in and have fun and get good grades. 

In all that daily hustle did you make it to your appointment? Did you eat? Was it something that makes you feel good? Did you shower and comb your hair? Brush your teeth? Be polite and respectful when all you want to do is have some fucking peace and quiet so you can hear yourself think?

Did you make any time for yourself?

I didn’t say find the time, I said make the time.

I know some days it really is impossible. But what about the other days when you do have 5-10 minutes and you waste it by worrying about what’s next instead of being in the moment or you waste it scrolling through Facebook, or Instagram or Pinterest to numb out from all the BS?

If you do not start making yourself a priority and taking care of yourself who will?

Who will step in and take care of your kids if you really let your health and wellbeing go to shit?

Until you learn to make you a priority, your day will continue to be this frenzied chaotic hot mess. 

When’s it your turn to go first?

Role model self-worth to your kids. Instead of just talking about it, be the example.

#youdeserveit #yougotthis #justdoit #momlife


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