Your kids want you to be happy and healthy, even if that means not being with them every waking minute.

My daughter is at this stage where she wants me to be with her ALL THE TIME. She whines when I go to work, when I go outside, when we go anywhere other than school or daycare.

One day recently I was the one who was whining about going for my run. I was procrastinating. She stopped me dead in my tracks and made my eyes well up with tears. She said, “mommy, please go for your run – I know it makes you happy. I want you to be happy.”

You see, even a 4-year-old little girl can tell the difference between a mom who is happy and a mom when she is down. Even when you think you are doing your best to hide all the stress and anxiety, self-judgment and self-abuse – your kids see your truth. They can sense your happiness.

When you allow them to witness you feeling good and enjoying your life, your body, yourself – they want you to have more of that.

Your kids want you to be happy… to feel good.

Your kids want to be a part of you feeling good.

What if the one thing you could do to make your child happy was to do what makes you happy? If you can see taking better care of yourself from that perspective then what is really holding you back from trying that exercise class?

Your kiddo wants to be a part of your happiness. She wants to make those precious memories with you that doesn’t happen when you are holed up on your couch nose buried into your phone pushing her away when she asks you to play. Happiness comes in all forms, however, Being seen as the burden is not one of them.

Hearing that you don’t feel good because your kids ruined your body is not reassuring.

Seeing you avoid your reflection in the mirror is far from self-acceptance.

Your kids learn self-love from you first. If you heard your child say they loved watching you cook or exercise because they knew it made you feel good… it makes you happy… would you stop feeling guilty for prioritizing yourself?

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