I feel such a sense of gratitude, appreciation, and love. 

Before Cooper arrived it had crossed my mind what if I don’t love him as much? What if I don’t bond with him? What if… 

As I watch Gabbie interact with him and try to be in his bubble every waking minute I know there is always enough love to go around. There is ALWAYS  enough. 

It’s the same with money, abundance, support, etc.  There is always enough for everyone. Yes, there are times when it feels like there isn’t but it’s just our mind playing tricks on us. 

Its job is to keep you doing what you did yesterday and the day before. It’s not meant to show you what’s possible. It’s not meant to show you what’s actually available for you. That’s too scary. It’s too much change.

It’s safe for you to keep doing what you’ve been doing even though as you close your eyes to go to sleep you promise yourself – tomorrow will be different. Tomorrow I’ll keep my promise to myself and I’ll drink one less soda, one less cookie, I’ll write for one hour, I’ll start doing that thing I’ve been meaning to do for ages and I’ll quit doing that other mindless crap that I know doesn’t serve me.

Yet, you wake up and you do what you always do. You hit snooze, once. Twice. Maybe three times because you dread getting up to just live the same day on repeat. 

You get your coffee then have a cigarette or open your phone or the computer and start scrolling. Mindlessly scrolling. 

Your mind starts feeding you the line of crap – you could have made a good breakfast if you’d got up earlier. 

You could have made that 6 am spin class if you’d quit being so lazy.

You could be doing something right now but instead, you’re scrolling looking at others living their life on purpose.

Fk those people. They don’t know what it’s like being me, I’m so busy…… As I waste 20-30 minutes scrolling…..

What’s next? Off to work? Get up the kids? Take them to school?

Let me be blunt – that pity party story will stay on repeat UNTIL YOU DECIDE TO CHANGE IT!

It will not be easier tomorrow. Every day you wake up and do that ^^^^^ it will be harder.

Everything you want really is available and possible for you. All of it. But it won’t just magically appear. YOU have to choose it. You have to allow yourself to have it, live it, breathe it.

You have to make a true commitment to yourself.  Not some half-ass promise with your fingers crossed behind your back.

If I can make my dreams my reality so can you.

You have a choice to make right now. Will you keep living the same day on repeat waiting for a magical unicorn to swoop in and shit rainbows on your parade? Or, will you open your eyes to all that’s available to you and call in the support you need to NOW? 

We live our life one 5 second decision at a time. Don’t hesitate. Take action.

#yougotthis #itsnotaboutme

Becca, xoxo

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