I fucking owned today because I made a choice to show up for myself. I made a commitment. I also made a commitment to give myself grace. To me, that means giving myself permission to have exactly what I need at the moment. 

Did I exercise, well not a typical workout but I gave birth.

Did I be a patient loving mom today? Yes.

Did I create content? Yes.

Did I do a Livestream? Yes.

Did I check in with my team and take care of my clients? Yes.

Did I give myself grace where and when I needed to? Yes.

Am I giving myself permission to rest? YES!

My point is this – you don’t have to be so damn hard on yourself. You don’t have to bust your ass doing tasks that truly don’t feel good to you. 

If you hate a workout, find one you enjoy.

If you seriously don’t like ‘healthy’ food, find something else you do like.

If you want to write daily a sentence count.s

If you want to do a Livestream, just popping up to say hey can be good enough.

Let things be simple.

Give yourself grace.

Give yourself permission to just be in the moment.

If you can’t give yourself permission for that then let me be the one to give it to you. 

You have permission to not be so hard on yourself.

#youareenough #yougotthis #itsnotaboutme

Becca, xoxo

PS – The doors for Inhale close Saturday 10/26 at 11:59 pm CST.

Let’s figure out what giving yourself permission looks like for you. We get to do it together because life is better together.

The next live training will be on Friday or Saturday. I give myself permission to figure it out when I get home from the hospital. 

It’s time to put you first and give yourself what you need at the moment.

If you’re a hell yes, enroll here >>>> https://www.rebeccabranham.com/inhale/