Let me guess – You’ve tried the magical weight loss tactics that didn’t work. 

You’ve gotten a few quick wins but that’s as far as you got. 

Those quick wins didn’t last long and I imagine have led you to feeling discouraged, overwhelmed, and carrying 20 pounds you can’t lose. 

You’re ready for someone to walk you through the maze of conflicting health advice, step by step.

There’s always something that seems more important – you don’t actually know how to prioritize yourself and you’re ready for that to change. 


You know there’s got to be more and realize it’s time to simplify, implement a proven strategy that works, and get the support you need to finally peel back the layers and talk to the version of you who’s clinging to old behaviors that are keeping you stuck.


Quick fix diets and toxic guilt trips have taken over your life. Your journey to health & happiness has been a map of opposites. The good and the bad. Starting and stopping. Feeling great then guilty. All of it is emotionally exhausting and none of it helps how you feel.


This is a long-term thing, that’s why I don’t sell you diet pills, shakes, wraps or toxic positivity BS. 

While I can 100%  get you a quick win, that quick win is for now to get you excited about this adventure again. 

This is a process. It’s a journey, this is a thing that takes time and if you want long lasting results you have to be willing to commit for longer than 21 days.

To get you a quick win, the first thing we’re going to do is BALANCE YOUR BLOOD SUGAR so you’re feeling confident right at the start and and down 8-14 pounds naturally in the first two weeks. 

After you’ve got that win under your belt your confidence is high – THEN you’re ready for the next steps.  

Without prioritizing this step, it’s obvious why the pills, wraps and shakes haven’t worked for you! 

Balancing your blood sugar (the way I teach you) will help you achieve the following:

  • Lose weight 
  • gain energy
  • Decrease stress 
  • Resolve digestive issues 
  • overcome binge eating and emotional eating 
  • cure cravings 
  • stop chronic dieting
  • Fall in love with your bodies


Bold statement I know and that’s exactly why we start here. To get you a quick win out of the gate so you’re motivated to keep going for the full 6 months. 

And we’re not going to stop there because we know this is a bigger, deeper journey. 



  • You lose weight and get healthier while stressing less because you have a simple framework to follow.
  • You no longer have to make self care a number on your priority list because it has become your way of life. 
  •  you never have to be afraid of completely falling off the wagon again because you have a consistent and reliable strategy to get back on. 

You are able to trust yourself around all the foods in the room because you know that you can trust yourself.

That’s exactly why I created…


This is a long-term thing, that’s why I don’t sell you diet pills, shakes, wraps or toxic positivity BS. However, the first thing we’re going to do is balance your blood sugar so you’re feeling confident right at the start and fitting back into your jeans. 


We have to get your body used to less stress and one of the fastest, simplest ways to do that is to balance your blood sugar. Once we do that, your body is primed and ready for the rest of the work we will do together.


No wonder the bandaids, pills, wraps and shakes haven’t worked for you – you skipped this step! THIS is the simple step that will change your life.


What is the single biological and chemical stress reducer that is enough to register and make a huge difference for you?


Balancing your blood sugar! 



It’s such a powerful needle mover that it’s going to help you lose weight, gain energy, stress less, resolve digestive issues, heal adrenal fatigue, overcome binge eating and emotional eating, cure cravings, balance hormones, stop chronic dieting, fall in love with your bodies and feel comfortable in your skin, greatly improve the quality of your life, look and feel younger, have better sex, and experience that really deep happiness and satisfaction you desire.


Bold statement – I know. It’s backed in evidence based research and that’s exactly why we start here. To get you a quick win out the gate so you’re motivated to keep going for the full 6 months. 

The first thing we’re going to do in this is balance your blood sugar and you can expect to lose 10-14 pounds naturally in the first 2-weeks. 

And we’re not going to stop there because we know this is a bigger, deeper journey. That’s why the next thing we do is commit to your REAL intentions for long-term health & happiness. 


Then we will get crystal clear on your goals and anchor them in so you have a path to get back onto when sabotage creeps in. We will also start clearing any clutter that lies in the way. 

This is why this is a 6 month program vs the 21 day fix. This is deeper than you’ve allowed yourself to believe. For my clients, being overweight and having an unhealthy relationship with food are symptoms of trauma.


Every client of mine has been through trauma. It’s in my world they find a place safe enough to unwind, unload, emotionally untangle and call home.


The amount of healing I am able to help my clients achieve is because I have healed these wounds myself first. Be it mental abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse and seemingly smaller things that had a large impact – I see you.


This feels like it needs to be addressed now because you are strong enough to heal. It’s time to heal at the depth you’ve wanted. The physical symptoms and self criticism/judgment was just your body’s way of getting your attention in ways you can’t ignore it any longer.


You deserve to be Happy & Healthy on your terms. It’s your natural birthright and I can help you embody that, finally. 

That’s exactly why I created

All the step by step training, expert coaching & customized mentorship.

The community, journal sequences, support and MORE!


A 6-month group coaching experience designed to help you overcome sabotage, rewire old behaviors, and free you from diets so you can free up your time and actually live your life.


I want to introduce you to my client Amy.

As a registered nurse herself, she saw herself in so many of her patients and felt discouraged when it came to her weight loss journey because she had tried so many other approaches.

She felt disheartened, doubt, insecure – where to even start. She had already invested so much of her time, energy and money.

After talking with me  she realized this was about so much more than weight loss, so much more than a number on the scale.

This was about the rest of her life!

She now understood that what she decided to do now was either setting her up for success or setting her up for failure later in life. She saw that she could chose to use this program as another tool in her toolbox along with the skillset to know when to use the tools I would teach her and most importantly she gained mindset ninja moves she never had before – that combination changed everything for her.

Even though it felt scary to invest in herself this way at first, because she had never done something like this before, she now proudly tells everyone it was her best decision ever because it helped her realize she is her number 1 asset, her health and happiness is about so much more than weight, and she doesn’t have to trade her life in for deprivation – she actually gets to live her life while healing!

Amanda knew exactly what to do to be happier and healthier she just didn’t know where to start in a way that was realistic for her. As a registered nurse and new nurse practitioner she had all the knowledge but lacked self confidence. She knew she needed help from someone she could trust who could help her create a healthier lifestyle and encourage her along the journey. EVEN SHE WAS CONFUSED!

Amanda is also a mom. Imagine a mom going through a career transition, she didn’t have time for fluffy nonsense work. She wanted honest feedback, an upbeat attitude and a no BS approach to help motivate her to live a healthier lifestyle not only for herself but to model that to her kids..

Since committing to herself in ways she never has before, Amanda has learned ways she never thought about in terms of prioritizing her needs and desires, she is eating a vegan diet (which she never thought she’d like!), she has quit smoking, and she is teaching her kids anything is possible when you show up for yourself.

“When I stumbled onto my lifelong dream out of the blue, I thought my brain was sabotaging me from losing weight. Like, was I taking another detour. This couldn’t possibly be a part of my journey. am I just making more excuses? There will always be something. Every month there will be something… a period… something. It’s not like if I diet I can’t leave my house ever again. I can trust myself. It’s a lie that I can’t. I can choose the healthier option but I’d rather choose the thing I know makes me feel shitty because it’s rebelling. I just have to choose.”

Now, it’s your turn!


Inside, you’ll find everything you need to ditch the stress and embody mindfulness and choice.


When you enroll you’ll gain instant access to the program prep-work.

This includes: All twelve modules, bonuses, your Support Group….

You’ll also have access to all materials and program updates for life. 



Mastering Food freedom has 12 Phases + bonus content!

Here you’ll gain complete confidence in your choices, yourself, and your follow through ability!

With access to new trainings all throughout the year. 



Gain feedback & support from the Private Facebook group.

Plus, many of our students have networked, collaborated and created amazing friendships and business opportunities together. 


Office Hours

Bi-Weekly Zoom Calls with Becca and support coaches for feedback and customized coaching.

As you grow, your questions will also change.

You can count on support every step of the way.





Breakdown Before the Break Through

Before you can master and embody confidence, you must master your mindset. You will learn how to transform your limiting beliefs about yourself and leverage them to support you. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, unsure where to start, or guilty for focusing on yourself then you’re in exactly the right place!

We’ll dive into:

  • Solidifying what you desire in the next 3 months.
  • Be real with yourself – are you being an unrealistic perfectionist??
  • Celebrate the commitment you made to yourself!!!
  • Begin looking at your life through the lense of curiosity.


Committing to Intentions for Long-Term Health & Happiness

Committing to intentions for long term happiness and really getting that emotional freedom because working with me means long term success  – we’re not putting a bandaid on things.


We’ll dive into:

  • You are clear on your goals & you are starting to work on them.
  • Declaring your goals in the Facebook Group and other places to hold yourself accountable.
  • Finding the foods that fuel you. A process to unveil what your body needs and wants.


Ignoring the Noise

The next thing we will move into is ignoring the noise b/c it’s really hard to change the way you are. As you start changing people will see you in a different light and there’s going to be noise and people who want to knock you down (intentionally or unintentionally). So we work on how to ignore that noise so you don’t get stuck. 

We’ll dive into:

  • You’ve started working on your goals and making adjustments.
  • You want this burst of energy to keep going!
  • You know exactly what you do NOT want to do anymore
  • You are letting go of comparison!
  • Reprogramming your mind to communicate with your body in an effortless way.
  • Catching & identifying comparison, doubt and other insecurities.


Rewiring Old Behaviors

Then we move on to rewiring your old behaviors. So now you’ve ignored the noise, you’re feeling good but now we really need to imprint your new behavior so they become effortless and easy for you to do. 

We’ll dive into:

  • You feel happier and lighter. You are aware that you’re making progress!
  • You are now identifying your limiting beliefs and triggers for outgrown behaviors.
  • Catching the noise faster and getting excited for these moments.
  • Embracing old behaviors as tools for continued growth and long term success.



Create a Nourishing Self-Care Menu

Next we’re going to create a nourishing self care menu and I love talking about it in terms of a feel good menu. We need this because not every day is perfect, life isn’t perfect, things happen so you need to have resources at your fingertips or ways that you can care for yourself so that you don’t revert back. 

We’ll dive into:

  • Taking more and more consistent action & being proud of yourself for sticking with this!
  • Learning to love your human back into alignment.
  • Confidently giving yourself what you need & asking for what you desire.



Recognize & Own Your Badassery

Lastly, you just sort of step into your badassery. I love this word b/c it resonates so much with me b/c that’s how I really want others to feel because that’s how I feel and I want you to have that too. 

We’ll dive into:

  • You understand what needs to be improved & let go of
  • You feel like you can breathe & relax – you have a clear mind
  • Setting clearer, stronger boundaries than ever before.
  • You free up time for yourself & what brings you joy
  • You acknowledge all your effort and hard work!
  • Recognizing your badassery
  • Embodying confidence
  • In control of your long term happiness and health.
  • No more dieting!


Phase 1 Planning YOUR big vision

We will get crystal clear on your goals and anchor them in so you stay on your path. We will also start clearing any clutter that lies in the way


Phase 2: High energy foods that fuel you

We will identify foods that specifically fuel YOU and identify foods that drain you. You will also have an experiential exercise to try out. 


Phase 3 is all about honoring your hunger and fullness and reconnecting with your inner wisdom.


Phase 4: Preparing for self sabotage

It’s not a matter of if it shows up but when. We pre-frame it so you anticipate it and know exactly what to do to be purposeful in sabotage moments.


Phase 5: Overcoming self sabotage

We identify your most common sabotage scenarios and prep you to navigate it with more grace and ease than ever before. 


Phase 6: Let your inner child rebel!

Your inner child is going to rebel. Again it’s not if but when. The more you resist this the more he/she wants to act out. We can work with your inner child to find ways that sooth him/her that are non-destructive to your health goals.


Phase 7: how to relax and savor

Let’s slow it down and savor just how far you have come. We will connect to your body. It’s safe to be in your body.


Phase 8: nourishing deeper

What wants to be nourished? Where is there potential for greater expansion? What lights you up? Let’s create your nourishment menu!


Phase 9: unlocking your personal power

Where do you store your personal power? How are you ignoring it? How has it been trying to get your attention?


Phase 10: locking in your new baseline

Review how far you’ve come! What are you curious about learning next?


Phase 11: discovering your next level

We will take a life inventory and discovery what is next for you.


Phase 12: how to maintain this long-term + what’s next

Completion and invitation into what’s next if it feels right for you to go into my graduate program, membership or private coaching with me!

I’ve helped dozens of others just like you

Here’s some of the things they had to say


✨ You know your health & happiness is deeper than  your weight but how to be happy with yourself if you’re not happy with how you look? You know the superficial tactics won’t work. 


✨ You’ve been there, done that and it just didn’t give you the deep change you crave.





✨You understand that this is a journey and you know this is not going to happen overnight. You’ve tried all the things and you still want to lose about 10 pounds now. You get to have both.


✨ YOU’RE READY to heal the deeper stuff you’ve been avoiding looking at, you know it’s the real reason you’re clinging onto the weight, unhappiness, and behaviors that don’t serve you anymore.



  • Lifetime access to all of the step by step training materials so you can jump in fast and start making progress right away!
    Included in the membership site is trainings, resources, templates, NLP journal sequences and MORE!

    Value $20,000
  • 6 Month access to a complete team of expert coaches, mentorship and community so you never have to wait to get the exact support you need!

    Value $20,000
  • 6 Months of access to your very own personal success coach who will hold your feet to the fire, support you, get intimately involved in your success … so you always have the deep support you need to move forward each week!
      • Weekly touch points
      • Monthly 1:1 calls
      • Milestone calls?
      • Weekly office hours
      • Accountability
        Value $10,000


  • 6 Months Access to our private community where not only do you get daily support from the coaches but also access to networking and strategic partnershipsValue $3,000



TOTAL VALUE = $53,000


So…What’s the Investment?



Six months from now you could be looking back on how much you’ve grown. 

The bottom line is this – when you commit to mastering food freedom You will be in charge of your long-term health and happiness WITHOUT dieting. You will be able to breathe, relax, and truly enjoy your life and do more of what brings you joy.  

Remember without challenge, there is no change and without practice there is no progress. Stop worrying about perfection and start investing in yourself. 


I am a busy mom, entrepreneur, business owner, service provider or person. How much time will I need to get the most out of the program?
Depending on your pace, I recommend for your first 4-6 weeks you dedicate 3 hours per week to the program: 60-90 minutes to participate in our group coaching sessions plus 90-120 minutes per week for study, practice and implementation.

Through mastering food freedom I’ll be guiding you through this entire process giving you curated information – preventing the overwhelm.

This saves you time because you are getting curated information along with simple, straightforward action steps.

I’ve worked with a coach before. Why do I need Mastering Food Freedom as well?
Most health coaches do not have the holistic approach or expertise offered inside this program. If you want to master food freedom and heal your relationship with food and yourself in a whole lot less time, then this is the right program for you.
I’m not sure group is for me. Do I have to be active with others?
All of the content in this program is designed to be self-paced and the curriculum is pre-recorded. Group calls are recorded for you to watch and you can submit your questions ahead of time to be addressed without being present.

There are many perks to group vs individual coaching such as… 

  • Group coaching costs less than individual coaching, that however does not take away the power of group. Group programs can be more powerful than private coaching because you have more people offering you constructive feedback.
  • Groups promote social skills. After covid we have been isolated long enough, this is your chance to build community and put an end to so much isolation with a group of people who get you and where you’re going.
  • Groups can propel you forward. Hearing how other members successfully overcame something similar can be very encouraging and may be all the support, motivation and accountability you’ve been missing/needing/craving.
  • Groups provide a sounding board. Not only do you have expert coaches as a sounding board, you have your peers to help you see your current situations from a different perspective you may otherwise not have. 
  • Groups provide support. Hearing from others with similar issues helps you see that you’re not alone.

Do You Still Have Questions?


We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Please email us at  support@rebeccabranham.com or chat with us directly!

Have we met?


I’m Becca!


Expert Holistic Health, Life and Mindset Coach + master NLP practitioner + RN. And let’s get the most important thing out of the way.

More than anything, the entire reason for Mastering Food Freedom’s existence is to help you create a thriving life.

Because if you’re succeeding, that means we are. That is literally it.

My passion is helping others feel empowered and attuned to their body. How do I do that? By helping you show up for yourself like never before!

In 2015, when I was working as a nurse, I was exhausted and treating myself horribly. My job was consuming me. Sure, I was aware of all the things I “should” have been doing – eating regularly, getting exercise, taking time out for myself – but it never happened.

Sound familiar? 

All around me I saw awesome men and women talking crap about their bodies, their eating habits, their minds, their relationships with others and themselves. On and on it went. It made me furious. So, after four years as a nurse, I changed lanes.

My nursing gave me insight into how people deal with their health (or not). So I returned to study and earned my qualifications in health and lifestyle coaching + became a master neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner.

 Now, I’m a total nerd when it comes to personal development meshed with emotional intelligence/entanglement, and my obsession is helping others feel whole while doing what they love with who they love.

I’ve been through the long nights, the crying kids, the tears, the trauma, the debt, you name it. And I was able to come out of it in full alignment and attuned to my body with a deeper understanding of myself than I’d ever had before.

Now it’s my turn to help you do the same so you can love your body and Master Food Freedom so you can finally have the confidence you desire and live your freaking life! 

I’m so excited to meet you, welcome you into our family and work together for the next 6 months.

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