Food Freedom

Ok, be honest
Do any of these feelings apply to you?



You’re often discouraged.

You feel overwhelmed.

You’re carrying 20 pounds you can’t lose.


You’ve read all the books, but guidance through the maze of conflicting health advice would help you. A lot. 

There have been some good starts, but you need a cheerleader when motivation wanes.

Summer looms and you dig out your journal, renew your gym membership, start making smoothies. But the beautiful weather offers distractions – you just need them to be … healthier.

For the longest time, your journey to health has been a map of opposites. The good and the bad. Starting and stopping. Feeling great then guilty. All of it is emotionally exhausting and none of it helps how you feel.

You know there’s got to be more, but you’re not quite sure how to peel back the layers and talk to the version of you who’s clinging to old behaviors that are holding you down. 

But the time has come and you’re ready to truly prioritize yourself and step into your power.

You need my new program…


Mastering Food Freedom


Over the course of six months, we’re going to go BIG PICTURE. 

Because this is the truth:

  You can’t make big changes by counting calories.

  There’s no such thing as “bad” food.

  Feeling hungry all the time will make you miserable.

  You can’t exercise your way out of an unhealthy diet.


Believe me when I tell you it’s not just about what you put in your mouth. How you look and feel is directly related to what is in your head.

And that’s where we start with Mastering Food Freedom.

We’re going to flip your thinking, so those little voices in your head won’t be able to control you. You’ll be able to talk back to them, take away their power and regain your composure.

The reason I worked with Becca is I knew I needed someone who could help me create a healthier lifestyle and encourage me along the journey. Becca’s positive energy combined with her joy and freedom of coaching and nursing expertise is what attracted me to working with her. I knew from watching her Facebook live videos and posts that she would help provide me with honest feedback and help motivate me to live a healthier lifestyle. Becca’s flexibility with my schedule. I would sometimes be late to our group meeting times because of work but she was totally understanding and super nice about it all. Working with Becca was amazing!! Her positive energy and optimism made working with her such a great experience!!



Want a taste of what’s to come?

With my help, you’ll:


  Commit to intentions for long-term health and happiness. Together we’ll find the foods that fuel you, and unveil what your body needs and wants.

   Learn to ignore the noise. This includes reprogramming your mind to communicate with your body in an effortless way to honor fullness.

   Rewire old behaviors. We’ll identify what triggers regression and learn to embrace those triggers as tools for continued growth and long-term success.

   Create a nourishing self-care menu to replace the desire for stress eating and finally feel emotionally free.

   Recognize your badassery, learn to show up confidently and embrace control of your long-term happiness and health.


This is a proven path to free you from diets and the patterns of thinking that make you believe you need them.


By the end of our six months together, you’ll be well on your way to living your best life.

You’ll have confidence.

Be attuned to your body.

Trust your instincts.

Be decisive.

Discover your calm.

Have said goodbye to bloating.

And, of course, you’ll have lost weight.


Only this time, you’re on the path to saying bye-bye to it for good.

Becca is so soft-hearted and tender. When she speaks to me it’s with warmth and caring and very genuine. I felt an immediate bond with her from the very moment I meet her. She was actually there to show me for appointments and would end up helping me more I feel. I was able to open up so easily about my life struggles with my husband, my self-image, my food addiction, not caring for myself properly, not spiritually taking care of my relationship with Jesus. I was so lost she was the first person who got me back pointed in the right direction. Without her and Jesus only He knows because I was in a very dark place. Her honesty, she would push and cheer me on. I knew I could text her when I made an accomplishment. Like when I finally had to put a really hard boundary and cut someone out of life who I thought was a friend out of it. She helped me see it was a victory and not to be upset but to be free and rejoice it was a weight that was lifted and let me tell you it was. Her motivation is amazing!!! 


Tame the cravings, conquer emotional eating


If you’re serious about getting healthy – and that includes adjusting your mindset as well as overhauling your eating habits – you’ve come to the right place.

Mastering Food Freedom is six months of coaching. We’ll start with a clarity call that dives into where you’re at, so that I know what it is we need to begin working on.

   I’ll give you video trainings, handouts and homework to do every other week. They’ll include incremental changes designed to set you up on the path to great health and wellbeing.

   We’ll have calls every other week and you can email me and my team at any time if you have questions or need support.

   There’s also a Facebook group where you can ‘meet’ the other Mastering Food Freedom warriors, give each other encouragement and ask questions. This is a great place to do it because then everyone gets the benefit of our knowledge.


Are you ready to discover your Food Freedom?

I realized some of the reasons for my over eating. In addition, I learned motivational strategies to help me overcome some difficult situations. she really asked great questions which helped me understand my behavior and ways to make changes.


Here’s how we’ll work together:

    I offer three different program tiers, and all receive access to the course curriculum via my website. You’ll have your personal login and get lifetime access to all the content. 

    The course is six months in length starting June 1, although I imagine it may go into the middle of January due to holidays. New content will be released every other week so that no one feels overwhelmed or falls behind. So week one will be new info, week 2 will be implementation week, week 3 new info, week 4 implementation and so on. 

    Every other week (on implementation week) will be a group Q&A call. Get on the call, ask a question, and get 15 minutes of laser coaching in whatever area you need support. You are not required to be a part of these calls. They will be recorded and sent to you, as well as saved in the group.

    There will also be hot-seat coaching calls available to everyone. These and the Q&A calls are to build community and deeper growth, and are for those who don’t choose a private coaching option. You are not required to be a part of these calls. They will be recorded and sent to you, as well as saved in the group.

    Whatever bonus material you or anyone in the group needs I will provide. I have a vault of resources waiting to be used. 

All of what I’ve just mentioned is included in all three tiers.


    The premium package also includes unlimited Voxer access, which gives you private access to me from Monday to Friday. Bonus! I’ll give you one private coaching session to be used anytime you need it.

    The VIP package includes all of the above, as well as two private coaching calls a month with me (total of 12 sessions). For my business owners, you are also able to promote in my Facebook groups.


Bonus time!

I’m offering additional bonuses right now for those who are ready to start straight away. 

Get two private coaching calls with me that are structured specifically to set you up for inevitable success when the program starts. 

You’ll also receive Voxer support from me between now and June 1 to get you moving forward and help you right now. Why wait to get started?!

Because this is access to me that is usually only available to my private clients, I can only take limited bookings for those bonuses. It’s a reward for those who are committed to their success and ready to take action immediately.

Don’t miss out – sign up now!




Not sure which program is best for you? Need to discuss payment methods? Click below to schedule a call!

Danielle Ralston has been working with me for about a year and while (if you saw her video testimonial), you know that when she started working with me she had one small area she needed support in… Weight management and health coaching, but as all things do, once we really started to dive into all that she needed she got so much more and continues to grow and thrive!!

“When I started working with Becca I didn’t think I was stressed out! Yeah well I was WRONG” – Danielle

Things she is celebrating in the last 30 days:
– Losing 10lbs.
-Selling a business for 6 Figures that was causing her stress and didn’t align with her needs
-Buying her dream house
-Learning what her own passions are without walls to stop her
-Creating boundaries in her life with family and clients so that she is living a life of JOY and Freedom from all that was causing more stress.

So let’s CELEBRATE her investment in her health, joy, freedom and success.

I am so honored that she has chosen me to be on this journey with her and can’t wait to see where our journey together takes us next!

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