It’s not always rainbows and butterflies – even for me.

This week I was reminded of a truth that a part of me wanted me to forget. Most people only share the highs… the victories… the glamor shots for the rest of the world to see because it’s moments they are proud of.

As one of my mentors, Amiee Boswinkle, so beautifully reminded me yesterday, shame and guilt hide in secrecy.

Let’s be honest with one another. If you know me you know this is what I’m all about <3

Recently I realized that there is a coach I follow who triggers the fuck out of me. She is AMAZING at what she does. She has impact, influence, the cash flow appears to be there – it all “appears” to be so effortless.

Every time I see her post or get a notification about her Facebook group a part of my brain is annoyed, jealous, judging, envying, all the things. I was loading up all these low vibe feelings toward her and they were soooooo uncomfortable that i’d hurry up and scroll by so I didn’t look at it. So I didn’t have to see her or her message.


Because she has what I want.

Every time we are triggered and we feel judgment or jealousy it’s because that other person has something we desire and we don’t believe it’s possible for us to have. Our brain starts telling us things like:

-They beat you, there’s no room for you….

-There’s no more left…

-Who are you to want that?

-Who do you think you are?

-You’re greedy….

-You aren’t grateful for what you have…

On and on the limiting beliefs will go and here’s why – if your brain can make you so uncomfortable that you freeze and avoid the discomfort it did its job and it won and you will stop pursuing your dreams and working toward your goals.

Those moments are discomfort are your indicator to keep going. They are the reminders that you’re getting closer to what you want and your brain is getting triggered because you’re about to break through and that part of you is freaking out because it’s never been here before so if it makes you uncomfortable enough like it did in the past you will slam on the breaks.

It’s a pattern loop you guys.

Judgment is one of the brain/body’s last resorts to get your attention that it’s time to go deeper inward. So that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.

It’s not always rainbows and butterflies. We all have our ugly demons to work through. It’s uncomfortable as hell and I can promise you it WILL pass. On the other side is everything you’ve ever wanted.

You are good enough.

You deserve to have it all and then some.

You are ready for it or you wouldn’t have made it here.

Go inward. Even when it’s uncomfortable, go within. If you need help learning how to go deeper I am a master of this art.