It’s here!  It’s the week most people fall off track with their resolution; even though it’s absurd to think you could change yourself.  I mean, come on….  You’ve been trying to change you forever.  What makes you think you will succeed now?  Because the number on the calendar turned?  It takes more than a date change.  It takes an anchor.

How long does it take you to write the correct date once the year changes?  You have to keep doing it until it’s ingrained in your mind that it’s now x/x/2018.  Practice makes perfect.  It doesn’t matter if it’s writing the date or changing your life.  You cannot expect it to happen overnight.  

You cannot expect a fairy to sprinkle some magical shit all over you and poof!  New you.  

It’ does not work that way.  

Growth is the essence of life.  It’s constantly evolving. Changing. Adapting. Overcoming.  Growing.  I watched this inspirational video, and it made it click.    When you don’t look forward to your day and dread it, you’re not happy with it, so you tell yourself it doesn’t matter if you sleep in.  Just a few more minutes won’t matter.  Wrong!  It does matter.  You don’t want to get up because you know you’re just skimming by, you’re not doing all that it takes.

What if you were doing the best you can, ready for your day to start so you can kick some ass?  You’re going to get your butt out of bed and crush your day because you’re making progress.  “When you’re resting to renew your preserves it’s different than resting to avoid your day.”  –Jim Rohn –

What is your definition of success?  Is it making a certain amount of money?  Weighing a certain weight?  Eating certain foods?  Having a flexible schedule?  

What does success mean to you?  

It doesn’t matter as long as you’ve done the best you possibly can because “the essence of life is growth” (Jim Rohn).  

Look at nature, growth is a plant’s essence of life, literally.  As Jim Rohn points out, a tree grows as tall as it possibly can, digs its roots as deep as it possibly can, produces as much fruit as it possibly can! It doesn’t reach its half-way mark and decide, “Well, I’m just fine where I’m at. I don’t need to grow anymore.”

Personal development is all about digging deep within ourselves and refusing to listen to our ego – the voice that tells us ‘not to bother’ or ‘it’s fine how it is I’ll do it later.’   We have the choice to “choose the all” as Jim said.

I’m not saying it’s an easy path, but it is a worthwhile one.  Yes, it’ll be hard starting out.  But the disciplines required for self-growth and success will become a part of you.  They will become unconscious habits.

When you “Choose the ALL,” you’re choosing to live a life free of regret – a life where you can look back and say, “I didn’t leave anything on the table. I made the most of all I had to offer the world, and all the world had to offer me.”

But, what do you do when you realize you fell off track.  Knowing what you need to do to get back on track is the struggle.  You can’t beat yourself up because you weren’t successful from the start.  How many success stories were easy?  Not many.  They got back up and asked, “what’s working, what’s not working, and what can I do differently?”  

“Even though I’ve fallen off track more times than I can count, I always have a track to get back onto.” -Michelle Rohr

You have the power to make your habits get you to where you want to go.  You have to be intentional with them.  Saying you will exercise every day or drink more water or read a book or whatever is great.  But how does it all relate to your goals?  Where is that action taking you?

I challenge you to revisit and redefine your top three goals for 2018.  But don’t stop there,  I encourage you to make an anchor that reminds you of how you want to feel when you accomplish your goal.  

Your Anchor

What’s an anchor?  

An anchor is something physical in your environment that will remind you why you set your goal in the first place.  It’s a little reminder to ‘anchor’ you and keep you on track when there’s no one to keep you accountable.  So when you are tempted to fall off track or sabotage yourself in some way, you remember that saying no to the old habits means saying yes to something so much larger.

Choose an anchor for each of the five senses, or at least maybe 3 of the 5. So a favorite song. A smell.  A yummy taste. A happy touch. Every time you come in contact with your anchor throughout the day, you will be reminded of why you are choosing to love yourself completely to reach your goal.

When you encounter your anchor, it should help you notice when you are making choices not in alignment with this promise you made to yourself.  Every time you touch, see or hear your anchor, it’s a moment of truth.  

Ask yourself, “am I making the best choice for myself at this moment?”

Success is simple.  The things that are easy to do and the things that are not easy to do are the things we need to do.  If we do them every day, we can’t help but be successful.

So shoot for all that is possible for you. Pick up the challenge and go for it! Resolve to seize every day as an opportunity to become a better person than you were yesterday. Make plans and execute them. Build good habits. Keep track of your progress. Make every day count toward a bigger you and a bigger future and go to bed every night knowing that you did your best.

Now, I want to hear from you.

What goals are you working toward?

What are your anchors?

Leave a comment below and let us know.

Thank you so much for reading and joining the conversation.

I’m truly grateful for your participation,


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