Another carry-in. This is the third one in the last two weeks. Are we celebrating something or are they just showing us their crock pots work? Either way, I cannot eat another night like this. But, between all the crap I have to do with my patients and charting, munching is what keeps me awake through my shifts. Why not? Just one more. I’ll be better tomorrow.

Three cookies, brisket, slice of pie, and a turkey sandwich later…..

I should not have done this! I feel so freaking fat and disgusting. No wonder none of my scrubs fit.

If you’re a nurse, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Every time there’s a carry-in your efforts are sabotaged, judged, and left behind. You tell yourself that one nurse always wants carry-ins because if she can’t manage her diet, why not bring in this super tempting pot of cheese dip so no one else can either.

Believe it or not, she may not be doing this on purpose (but then again she might be). What can you do in these situations to be proud of yourself and stick to your intentions?

Walk away??


Eat it.


Totally backwards from what you’ve always heard right?

It’s not 100% about what you’re eating.

I know you probably don’t believe me, but you’ve tried every other diet out there, so what do you have to lose? (I mean, you were going to eat it anyway ;))

What I’m getting at is:

How you eat is more important than what you eat.

If you’re someone who just wants to ‘know what to eat’ to reach your goal (like losing weight), I will absolutely tell you what to eat but you won’t lose anything. I wouldn’t be the coach you expected me to be if I told you otherwise.

It requires HABIT CHANGE.

To change your habits you have to exercise your choice making muscle.  This is the muscle that is in alignment with our desires that point us in the direction of success. There is a way in which we have to exercise the muscle of doing that.  Yes, we do have to think about it a little bit, remind yourself to do that at first, but eventually, the muscle develops and you get muscle memory.

Then, the next thing you know you’re waking up every day and automatically making choices that are in the direction of success without needing to think about it anymore. And that’s where your habits, the repetition of habits and behaviors turn into things you just do. And how cool would it be that the things that you are naturally drawn towards are the things in alignment with your outcomes?

How cool would it be if you could enjoy that carry in and eat what you want?

Now, I want to hear from you.

Go you get stressed out when you hear you’re going to a carry-in.

How do you know when it’s time to stop going back for seconds(sss)?

Leave a comment below and let me know.

Thank you so much for reading and joining the conversation.

I’m truly grateful for your participation,