When you inhale and put yourself first you DON’T TRY TO PLEASE EVERYONE AROUND you!

People-pleasers are rarely happy. 

Women who put their own needs first tend to be much more satisfied with their lives. 

Letting the needs of others dictate your life is a surefire way to make yourself miserable. 

Women who are focussed on meeting their needs, not everyone else’s, are not selfish. They just know that they’re not responsible for everyone else’s happiness.

You are responsible for YOUR happiness.

Just like other people are responsible for their happiness.

How do you feel when you’re constantly trying to make others happy???  Anxious maybe? Because you HAVE to do it just so or you’ve failed at making them happy which means you’re also making yourself feel miserable and unhappy b/c you weren’t ‘good enough.’

AND, now they might not love you as much…..

I know seeing others happy and lit up from something I did for them or gave them makes me feel awesome. However, there is a really fine line between giving just for the sake of giving and giving to appease someone else.

This morphs into you feeling like you are the sole person/object responsible for other’s happiness. Cue anxiety, depression, loneliness, isolation, comparison, jealousy, shame… guilt…

What if  you ACTUALLY stepped back for a moment and – instead of trying to figure out what the other person needs – you check in with yourself and ask yourself what YOU need to feel happy. 

To fully inhale joy.

What would it take?

What support would YOU need?

Imagine how empowering you’d feel if you put your needs first, filled your cup and then gave a helping hand because you can because your cup is overflowing.

This is the work we’re doing inside inhale.

I’m helping you reset your thermostat so you can actually experience joy and happiness for yourself and be ok with it.

You’re not responsible for everyone else. You are responsible for yourself, your thoughts, your feeling, your reactions. How much grace you give yourself. That’s on you.

What if you inhaling all that inspired the people you give so much of yourself to do the same for themselves???

You wouldn’t be causing the conflict or drama you fear so much, you’d be inspiring them to take responsibility for themselves and their happiness. You’d inspire them to inhale.

Until you learn how to let go of over-giving of yourself, you will continue to feel drained, worn out, like no one gives a shit about you and like you’re not enough.

I’m calling you to more. Right here right now. 

What support can you bring in for YOU???

I am so passionate about inhale because I know with all my heart once you start catering to your needs and tuning in to your actions, reactions, and thought you’ll be in awe of how many choices you’re giving away. Of how much of your power you’re just handing out.

It’s possible to reclaim it. But you have to be willing to do for yourself first. You have to be willing to inhale and expand yourself instead of a contract.

b/c I love you and know how epic this work is I’ve even created a payment plan. 

AND…. First, 10 people who enroll in inhale will get my 10 Day experience for FREE)

Get your ass in the room, be brave, show up for yourself first then give.