If you’re a new baby momma like me, you may be counting down the days until you can swap those maternity pants, or sweat pants, for your favorite skinny jeans or leggings. I’m right there with you!

Or, maybe you’re on the other side of this and you had your kiddo(s) several years ago and counting and just can’t seem to lose the baby weight.

Either way, I got you!

Before I had Cooper, I had other women telling me my great body days were over and it’s going to be so hard to lose that weight because I had my kids 5+ years ago and I still can’t get rid of it.

I think that’s ridiculous – she obviously doesn’t know who I am lol. 

I’m fking relentless when I set my sight on a goal and I’m not just taking myself on this ride this time I’m taking other women along with me. If I’ve done it once, I can do it again and so can your sister.

Idk what my exact weight was before I delivered last week. I do know the week before I was 204lbs on my home scale. My goal is to be back where I was at 160-165lbs by end of April 2020. 

What about you? What’s your goal?

Are you wanting to go it alone?

Do you wonder WHY some women feel it’s so hard to lose the baby weight?

Top reasons WHy are right here: 

  1. You weighed too much before or during pregnancy
  2. You’re not getting enough sleep
  3. You’re not being patient enough
  4. You’re skipping meals
  5. You’re eating the wrong foods
  6. You’re eating your feelings

Sounds pretty obvious, doesn’t it. How many of those are true for you?

As a mom to a 3.5 yr old and now a 5-day old, I think they’re 100% true. The difference between us and all those other women who think their body is ruined and will never be attractive again is this – we pull in the support we need.

We don’t let others tell us what’s possible.

We decide what is possible for ourselves and no one else.

We set our life on our terms and don’t take no for an answer.

We keep going when others would say this is hard.

We have a tribe of women who fking get it doing life with us.

We give ourselves grace and permission to have what we need in the moment.

Will you decide what you’re capable of and what’s possible for you? Or, will you stay stuck living the same day repeat wishing things were different?

A friend shared this quote that shook me to my core, it went something like this…. If you do not change your daily habits, you have already met the person you will be in 5 years time because you are them!

How will you decide to back yourself today? 

What support can you pull in?

How can you empower yourself to be the vest version of yourself today?

#itsnotaboutme #together #letsdothis

Becca, xoxo

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your life is NOW.

Now is the time to opt into the best version of you. 

Your kiddo needs a strong, healthy, happy momma. Model self-love and you’ll do more than expand what’s available for you – you expand what’s available for your family

What are you waiting for?

If you’re unsure if this is right for you send me a PM. 

My only goal is to show you what’s available and to help YOU decide if you’re a clear yes or a clear no.