The words you speak to yourself, the words you think to yourself are the most important words in the universe.

The average person listens to themselves say negative things about 70,000 times a day. A DAY!

What’s even crazier is that most of those thoughts are repetitive. You think them over and over and over… 

What you focus on expands. 

What you focus on becomes your reality.

What would be possible if you were kind to yourself?

What if ⅓ of those thoughts were ones that lit you up, inspired you, pushed you to keep going, believed in you?

What then?

I’m not good enough…

This won’t work for me…..

This works for others but not me…..

I don’t know enough….

I don’t have time for that….

I don’t have the money for that……

I won’t be loved…

The timing is just wrong….

I don’t know enough….

I’m not smart enough….

I’m not I’m not I”m not….

These thoughts shut you down. Hinder your dreams. Keep you stuck right where you are.

You have a choice to change your thinking.

I’m calling your ass to more right now – NOTICE that your thoughts are mainly negative. Just notice it. 

You are not your thoughts. You are separate from your thoughts and you have the choice and the power to change them.

YOu have the power to make your thoughts empower you, drive you, push you, pull you, work for you rather than against you.

What do you want to think about?  

Your thoughts become feelings that becomes your behavior.

Change your thinking and you change your life.

Love you,

Becca xoxo


Why continue to hold back?

Your ability to say yes to yourself is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. 

You say yes to everyone else, it’s time you said yes to your desires, your wants, your needs.

Get to know you. Fall in love with you.

You being unapologetically you is the best gift you could ever give the world, your loved ones and yourself.

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What support would you give yourself if you allowed it?