Feeling unsure has nothing to do with it.

You’ll create your life, blogs, live streams sales offers when you love forward with ot without certainty. 

The certainty comes from being in the action.

You don’t get certainty and then do the work you’re meant to do, you move forward in faith.

Katrina Ruth

My heart is on fire.

I literally feel so freaking bizarre right now Idk how to really explain it. 

I fucking backed myself like an MF.

I’m officially on maternity leave at 34 weeks. In my heart of hearts, it was the obvious choice. I knew the decision was mine and mine alone to make. My body doesn’t handle pregnancy well and I just knew if I kept pushing myself I’d be in trouble. 

So I’m on leave.

It feels so weird b/c now I have the freedom to be me. To express my soul and let the flow take over. 

It was one of the scariest decisions I’ve had to make in a long time, maybe ever. 

Am I willing to trust myself enough, to back myself enough to take this leap when I have no idea how it’s going to work out on the other side?

Fk yes.

Am I scared and shitting my pants?

Fk yes.

Am I letting flow take over?

Fk yes (lol here I am writing this…)

Yesterday, I literally told my group of amazing women they don’t have to do a damn thing they don’t want to. You’re not required to do anything in life that makes you feel like you’d rather rip your hair out, gouge out your eyes or literally makes you feel like you’re dying.

So who am I to go against what I was preaching? What I do preach?

Fk that noise – literally. The noise being the chatter in my head.

All the what if’s playing full volume. 

All the doubts worries insecurities. The fear.

It’s in the moments when we’re unsure that we need to stop and honestly check in with ourselves. 

Feeling unsure of ourselves is inevitable when we reach for the stars. When we go all in. We never have a guarantee. 

You have to be willing to create whatever it is you desire without certainty. Only when you make a decision and back it with aligned action will you feel certain. 

Why? Because you’re physically acting on it. Trusting yourself. Doing it anyway.

You move forward in faith.

Faith comes from you having the courage to back yourself. 

Faith comes from being brave enough to do the thing. To make the time. To inhale and just be in the moment.

It takes courage to have real faith in yourself.

I’ve completely stepped into this – I am my reality and my reality is a success, abundance, love, joy, freedom, passion, bliss and positive influence for the world. I’m a natural-born leader and I fucking own it. Even when it’s scary as hell and I want to run and hid.


Because I go first.

I’ll clear the path for you and go through the fire because I know once I reach the other side I’ll know what’s required to show you how to do the same.


Becca, xoxo

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If what I just experienced resembles anything like your own life then what are you waiting for?

Time? You won’t magically find it. It won’t magically appear. You have to create it

If it’s important to you you’ll make the time.

If it’s not, you’ll make an excuse.

How important are you to yourself? You’re the MVP in your life. It’s time you start treating yourself like one.

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