Celebrating takes courage

Today’s topic our negative voices and the voices of others. 

Women who put themselves first, #1 don’t make the excuse they don’t have time and #2, they drown out all the negative voices that don’t serve them.

They ignore the negative voices

This is so critical – hear this…. 

If there’s one thing that people envy more than anything else, it’s happiness. 

Happiness seems so fleeting and elusive that most can’t stand it when they see someone holding onto it, so they harness the only power they have left — they try to bring you down with negativity. 

Women who put themselves first don’t let this type of negativity affect them; they’re pros at blocking it out and staying the course.

Why do they block it out? 

You’re over and done with caring what others think.

You know it’s a waste of time and you’re the only one who really knows you and your life.

All that actually matters is what you think – everything else is just noise.

What’s getting in your way????

YOU hold yourself back.

You’re afraid you’ll outshine others if you actually take the time to focus on you.

You’ve always held yourself back because of this.

You have an epic win and you dust it under the rug.

You brush off your accomplishments.

You can’t shine brighter than others because that takes away from them. You don’t need to be acknowledged….

That’s total Bullshit!

You deserve to be celebrated.

You deserve to be supported.

You deserve to inhale and feel expanded.

Every epic win, no matter how big or small, empowers you, stretches you and strengthens you. 

Celebrating the positive things in your life takes courage. 

It’s hard to share with the world how happy you are and how much you’re growing and expanding and look at all these amazing things coming your way!

You’re allowed to be happy and feel all those positive vibes. You’re allowed to inhale all of that.

When someone gets triggered by you celebrating and your happiness it’s b/c they’re not used to experiencing happiness and positivity. So they’ll try to bring you down one way or another. 

Maybe they’ll criticize you or put you down – that’s their problem to figure out what they need to do to feel safe around all your positivity.

What if you could just deflect that crap and let it bounce off you?

What if you learned how to give yourself permission to feel all the good vibes and just do what makes you feel good?

What if you knew it’s acceptable to be happy and lit up and joyful and are ready to let your light shine instead of dimming it for others’ sake

💎 You’ll see yourself as worthwhile and deserving of the best, and you’re ready for the world to react the same

💎 You’ll know it’s time to choose and be clear about how you want to be treated and know that’s the only way forward

💎 You’re no longer comfortable with being last on your to-do list

💎 You’ll feel ease, confidence, and intuitive about what you want and need

💎 You’ll be ok with inhaling because you’ll have the words for what you actually want instead of “I don’t know”

This is what we’re unpacking in inhale.

If this speaks to you, trust yourself.

Get your ass in there. Putting you first starts with bringing in the support you want and need.