Business Take Over






Without buying another DIY course,

joining a group program

or having to deal with ANY tech…

Most entrepreneurs want to skip the line and expedite success, but there’s a huge problem…

The problem is… most online business owners waste an extraordinary amount of time trying to figure out the magic bullet to expedited success only to find themselves without enough time and just a heavy to do list that just keeps growing. The solution is actually very simple, but only a FEW serious business owners will have the courage to say YES to success and NO to playing small.

Instead they try… 

  • To do all the things alone (looking at you waking up Monday morning to be your business’s CPA, Social Media Manager, Tech Expert, Website Builder and Customer Service Rep)
  • Forcing creativity ONLY to constantly be pulled away to do something time consuming and out of your zone of genius – holding growth back even more!
  • Avoiding revenue generating activities and letting fear of visibility and rejection take over your deep desire to grow your business and make the impact you were DESIGNED to make!



I’ve seen it time and time again, business owners who have invested time, energy, and money into learning how to grow a business… and NOT seen the outcome they desire.

The reality is that if they don’t outsource the right things, master mindset (not the woowoo kind, the REAL stuff!) and build a PROFIT FIRST business model right now, they’ll continue to struggle to reach full potential, and it’s not a lack of effort on their part…

They are bombarded with advice and tempted to buy another DIY course that just doesn’t feel in alignment for their unique business and only takes away more precious time needed to actually get clients and grow!

You see, after helping dozens of stuck online business owners breakthrough limiting beliefs and behaviors, I have consistently seen and heard the same blocks over and over again.

Business owners are tired, burnt out and nervous when it comes to hiring yet another coach.

They know getting to the top means investing, but WITH WHO holds them back.





… with the …




This high touch experience will have you jumping for joy and locking in the profit and impact you have always dreamed of…

This done-for-you experience is the ultimate white glove package that has you skipping the line and hitting your business goal 10xs faster


And you’ll be relieved to know that you will have four experts guiding you along the way….


The reason I worked with Becca is I knew I needed someone who could help me create a healthier lifestyle and encourage me along the journey. Becca’s positive energy combined with her joy and freedom of coaching and nursing expertise is what attracted me to working with her. I knew from watching her Facebook live videos and posts that she would help provide me with honest feedback and help motivate me to live a healthier lifestyle. Becca’s flexibility with my schedule. I would sometimes be late to our group meeting times because of work but she was totally understanding and super nice about it all. Working with Becca was amazing!! Her positive energy and optimism made working with her such a great experience!!



The Business Takeover is yours if you can get yourself off the bench…




No longer feeling alone in your entrepreneurial journey

  Being supported and PRIORITIZED by the top experts in this industry

  Thriving in your zone of genius and having EVERYTHING DONE FOR YOU


And before you know it, you are scaling your business and loving



• Feel free from decision-itis?

• Be supported in resisting Shiny Object Syndrome?

• Never worry again about “what should I do next?”

• Go from constant worry to abundant joy KNOWING YOU HAVE EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED?

Yes, it’s really possible… it happened to me and now I am giving you the exact secret path that took me from $2k months to over $30k months in under 6 months…

 I did this one BIG thing that most are scared to do…


Now let me explain…

Unlike most aspiring digital CEOs, I got REAL with myself about my own weaknesses early on. 

Yes, this is the missing piece, friends. You see when you stay hyper focused in your zone of genius, you can get what you want 10xs faster. 

Now it’s not all unicorns and cupcakes, I had to go all in financially to see these results. 

I hired the best team, gave them what they needed and let them sprinkle fairy dust all over my business. 

All too often, aspiring CEOs stay too long in a zone of comfort both FINANCIALLY and SPIRITUALLY risking delayed success or even the worst of all, calling it quits from burnout. 

Why? People are often afraid to invest because they are worried about stretching themselves beyond the unknown, holding themselves back by lack of “certainty” and “guarantee.”

There is no shame in having weaknesses. We were not born to do everything. I learned this hard way so that you don’t have to. 

In my coaching business, I focus on liberating my clients out of the paralyzation of upper limiting and into a zone of limitless possibilities.



You also need my team. You need the Business Takeover. 

As an intuitive, awakened leader – you have a high calling on your life and that my love requires more support than the average person. 

There is no shame in that, there is actually freedom. 

Everything I am bringing you in the Business Takeover are the exact same experts who I trusted to support me through my journey from $2k months to $30k+ months.

They taught me how to… 

  Trust myself more than ever before….

  Build systems that felt good to a spiritual, intuitive leader….

  Confidently make sales like a badass instead of being afraid of sounding “salesy”….

Let my business operate on autopilot while I slept soundly.

How Would Your Business Be Different If You:

  • Had a team that helped you take your ideas and make them (profitable!) reality?
  • Knew the exact transition for every stage of your business so that you never hit a slump again?
  • Had the confidence and conviction needed to FINALLY take your business from a dream to an empire

This is all the support I needed to build my empire and now it is my honor to share this beautiful opportunity with you so you can build your empire

and make your vision your profitable reality faster than it took me

(we are collapsing time baby!)

Are you ready for this!?


Here we go!


Rebecca Branham

Holistic Health, Life, Mindset and Clarity Coach

6 months of private coaching with me, Master Holistic Health, Life and Mindset Coach, in my realm of expertise to help you create the mindset and emotional backbone to keep you functioning as you step into this level of alignment. 

We will uncover the beliefs, behaviors & triggers that are holding you back from maximum life alignment without wasting your time doing superficial fluffy work.

  M-F direct access to Becca via Voxer support to accelerate success

  Weekly 30 minute 1:1 calls focusing on rewiring your behaviors using Neuro Linguistic Processing (NLP) teachings

  Access to my best selling program Mastering Food Freedom that will liberate you from dieting and nagging health issues (this by itself is $6K at VIP level)

  All Paid Masterclasses and Group Programs that I launch during our time together

  Private Facebook Community for additional community support and networking

Borrow my audience! Promotional access to my community to gain new clients for your biz.

A 6 month VIP package with Master Sales Coach Michelle Terpstra includes:

3 hour VIP day for Offer Creation + Sales Mapping to maximize lead conversion, profitability and revenue sustainability and stability for long term health and growth 

12,  30-minute sales coaching calls to overcome selling resistance and lock in sales leadership to convert 80%+ of all sales conversations in under 30 minutes.

M-F direct access to Michelle via Voxer support to accelerate success


Michelle Terpstra

Master Sales Coach, Strategist + Trainer

Amiee Boswinkle

Intuitive | Angel | Evolution Teacher

A half VIP day with Amiee Boswinkle, a master at overcoming money blocks and energy work.

She helps spiritual entrepreneurs master their mindset and emotional intelligence so their business becomes their superpower.

  In the initial 30 minute consult I get a clear picture where the client is currently stuck in their business. From here I create a 3 part plan for the Intensive:

Step 1: Alignment 

I help re-wire the limiting beliefs holding them back with Master NLP techniques, energetic release and identifying physical energy blocks so the client see’s very clearly where to head next.

Step Two: Energetic Strategies That Are Easy To Follow 

We then cultivate the right soul aligned energetic strategy to call in more clients, create stackable offers that lead clients from one program into the next. 

Step Three: Cresting More Pathways For Wealth To Arrive 

I then help the client identify where they are keeping money on the table rather than flowing into their bank account, so more cash flows into their business in an aligned and effortless way.

30 days later we catch up on what’s going well and create next steps based on where the client is currently at.

10 Hours a month for 4 months of Business and profit building Strategy, implementation and VA services.

  Business, Branding and Marketing Strategy  

Business Audit and implmentation of Sales Strategy provided by Michelle Terpstra

Profit mapping audit, scalability growth strategy and Business Investment Planning

Marketing, Social Media, PR Strategy and implementation

Time Management, CEO Confidence and leadership 

Administrative, Operations and Tech VA Implentations and setups. 

Danielle Ralston

Business and Marketing Strategy and Implementation

Why Should You Trust Me and the Team I Have Put Together?


I don’t just talk about embodying this high caliber of work, I actually do it. I do not ask of you what I have not asked of myself. Yes this is going to feel terrifying – of course! It’s a stretch! But for the right person you will know in your heart this is yours. Every single time I invest in myself   I feel the feels. Trust yourself and your decision. Only you know if this is right for you. My job is not to persuade you, it’s to help you make an empowered decision.


I’m also not JUST another pop-up Coach. I come to you as a certified and seasoned Health, Life, and Mindset Coach as well as a certified master NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioner. Yep! There are so-called coaches out there without accreditation offering to help you.  I have now helped countless clients lock in their X Factor, step in full alignment, and biome happiness and success magness inside my programs and private coaching.


I’ve helped so many clients call out their inner critic’s objections and stop sabotage in its tracks. This is where you are crossing from the realm of predictability and certainty and into the realm of possibility and potentiality – no more getting stuck here. no more Hesitation… what-if games… spinning the stories… As Brené Brown says, “You can choose courage, or you can choose comfort, but you cannot choose both.” You can go through your life hitting the easy button, or you can choose to take aligned action when the urge arises.

This is Right for You if You Are…


Ready to have your time back and want to explode your business.

Ready to hit your business goals 10xs faster without buying another DIY course, joining another group program or having to spend umpteen hours gluing the tech pieces together.

Ready to say YES to success and NO to playing small.

This is not right for you if you are…

Unwilling to work through your limiting beliefs, behaviors and excuses.

Expecting DIYing (or bandaiding) your business to bring less headache and trying to save a buck.

Uninterested in liberating yourself out of the paralyzation of upper limiting and into a zone of limitless possibilities.

Deadset on having a business just like Joe Blow’s down the street because you keep yourself in a narrow box.

The Business Takeover is NOT for you! 

When I first started working with Rebecca I didn’t even know I was stressed out, overworked and burned out on my business.  The work I have done with Rebecca has helped me increase my business revenue for 2 businesses over 6-figures, sell one business and lose weight! I am a healthier, happier and aligned version of myself that I didn’t even know I needed to create! Hiring Rebecca was the best investment I made for my business and continue to make she is a HUGE part of my team and why I can continue to grow and succeed! 


Business Owner



What’s standing in the way of you finally exploding your business? I can tell you right now… you are not yet in FULL alignment. If you can’t learn to identify and overcome the beliefs, behaviors & triggers that are holding you back from true greatness… then you will remain stagnant in your version of “mediocrity” forever. I, along with my team of experts, can help you lock in your ‘X factor’.

It doesn’t matter what kind of online entrepreneur you are, it’s hard to argue this simple truth…
That without locking in your unshakable truth to handle the growing pains, your life and business will stay status quo.
That’s why I designed The Business Takeover – to set you free from the comparison trap and a life of “mediocrity” to provide a life full of passion, power and purpose.….

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