Have you ever been in a conversation and realize you’re talking a lot about yourself?  I know I have.  When I notice this I hear that little voice saying, “quit bragging!”  even though I love sharing what I do because it’s what I love.  Just like you like sharing a win or something delicious.  But is it right to brag about it? Yes! Here’s how bragging will make you appreciate the little wins.appreciation

I used to think bragging was like shining a light on myself saying, “hey, look at me! Look over here!!! Hello!” Maybe it was my inner introvert shining through. Or maybe it’s that as I talked about something I accomplished I heard that little voice saying, “you’re so self-centered, the world doesn’t revolve around you.”

This internal dialogue can be such a set back for us.  For myself, I’d have all these ideas racing through my mind waiting to be released. But that’s where they stayed because I didn’t tell people my ideas and how they were turning into my reality because it felt wrong. Because bragging is wrong. When asked about something remotely close to those subjects, it’d all want to come out so badly that I wouldn’t know where to start. Which start that internal dialogue – I’m talking too much about myself.

Maybe it’s how I was brought up. Talking about myself is like bragging and bragging is bad. People don’t like braggers, etc., etc.

But really, what is bragging?

In a recent coaching session, my client said she doesn’t want to acknowledge herself because it’s bragging on herself yata yata yata – it’s rude. But is it?

I think a lot of us get bragging and boasting confused. They’re not the same.

The difference between boasting and bragging:

  • Boasting is putting yourself above everyone else.
  • Bragging is celebrating something you’ve accomplished with those around you – a shared celebration.

When you brag we all take pleasure in that success. It’s like a collective celebration. You actually have permission to brag! Think of it as an opportunity to celebrate and acknowledge how good it feels to acknowledge yourself. It feels good, doesn’t it?

What I’m getting at is that it’s ok to celebrate your wins. It’s beyond ok actually. If you’re like me and you don’t like talking about yourself then tell yourself about your win. It doesn’t matter if you say it out loud or journal about it, just get it out there.

w. clement stoneIf you’re not celebrating your wins what are you doing? You’re not acknowledging yourself, that’s for damn sure. You’re probably doing the opposite, telling yourself you’re not enough or should have done better. That’s demotivating. You can’t show up for yourself if you belittle you 24/7. Instead, acknowledge your hard work.

Giving and receiving acknowledgment is nourishment on a whole new level. And it’s motivating! But there’s a trick to it. We can’t just stand by and wait to pat ourselves on the back for the big things.

The big things aren’t what defines us.It’s who we’re being on our journey and acknowledging the little steps along the way.

Bragging will help you appreciate the little steps.

It’s the little choices we make along the way that ultimately create those big results. Have you heard the saying, “Small hinges swing big doors?” Sometimes we only recognize the big leaps as meaningful, but it’s those small changes that are just as important.

Here’s my challenge for you.

I’d like to invite you to brag about all the little changes (or wins) you’ve made so you can acknowledge yourself for doing such a great job. If you’ve been sticking with a workout plan or eating mindfully or are reining in your bitchiness or journaling or just getting out of bed for the day – acknowledge yourself. It may be what makes or breaks your day.

This might feel weird at first, and that’s ok. This ‘weird’ feeling just proves that we are chronically underappreciated and underacknowledged. We simply don’t know how to handle it.

I challenge you to find at least five things you’re proud of accomplishing this week, this month, or this year. Appreciate yourself every day. Be authentic. Make it meaningful. Notice how it makes you feel.

Here are my five:

  1. I’m proud of finishing my homework yesterday (2 more weeks until I have my BSN!).
  2. I’m proud of getting to the gym 4 times this week.
  3. I’m proud of creating a new habit around journaling every day.
  4. I’m proud of putting myself out there and being of service.
  5. I’m proud of creating new boundaries around how I spend my time.

What five things are you proud of accomplishing?

Leave a comment below and let me know.

Thank you so much for reading and joining the conversation.

I’m truly grateful for your participation,


appreciate Bragging will make you appreciate the little things!