Let’s tie everything together from the past 8 weeks! Over the last 8 weeks, I’ve taught you a lot of simple, practical tips, which hopefully have started to develop into your everyday habits.  

The first is the 20 Minute Meal, the second is the EBT check in, the emotional brain training check in, putting your fork down, or your utensils down between bites, at least three times. Breathing between bites consciously, at least three times, probably breathing more than that, but these are conscious breaths. Chew your food and eat with all your senses. Eat until satisfied, not full, and, using the hunger scale as a practical tool, but embracing appetite as the emotional tool.

Also, learning about being BAD which is about Breaking free from your routine, acting naughty and doing some fun, crazy shit!

Now, let’s take a quick moment to review these materials so you know what you’ve got and how you might use it.  Each item has a link back to the orignial blog post + a video that corresponds to it in case you lean better by listening 🙂

how to take charge of your health through habits 8 tips

#1: 7 tips for drinking more water!

  • Learn how much water you need to drink to stay hydrated!
  • Show you 7 of my simple how-to tips for drinking more water every day.
  • Imagine a riverbed in a drought when it’s all dried up and cracking, where the water is so sparse that there’s no life in it. Now compare your body to that riverbed and imagine what you’re doing to it by not staying hydrated with enough water
  • What to do if you don’t like the taste of water…
  • + FREE handout!!!

#2: What to do when you’re stressed to the max….

  • You might be stressed to the max right now; there are still small, practical steps you can take to cope with that stress and stay healthy.
  • It’s important to acknowledge stress so you can reduce it or cope with it a little better.
  • What are some of the effects of stress on your body?
  • How can I reduce or cope better with stress? Here are 5 ways you can do that, starting NOW!

Often, especially when we’re by ourselves, it seems silly to pamper yourself, but that’s actually the best time to do it.

#3: Want to learn to eat mindfully?

      • In the modern world, we eat for convenience rather than for nutrition. We eat for instant gratification rather than long-term health benefits.
      • How you eat sets the stage for how your body digests and absorbs what you eat.
      • It’s scientifically impossible for the body to release weight or health when it’s under a stress response.
      • How will I know if it’s time for me to learn to eat mindfully?
      • Learn how to use the 20-minute meal.  This takes very little time, twenty minutes max, doesn’t cost a penny, it doesn’t require willpower or motivation, you don’t have to change anything you eat, and it helps you lose weight, gain energy, resolve digestive issues, and heal fatigue and more.
      • + FREE handout!!!

The 20 Minute Meal Journal. And this is a really cool handout that you can use to teach yourself how to do the 20-Minute Meal and how to fill out the journal.

Remember, the 20 Minute Meal Journal is NOT  about judging what you eat. If you’ve filled out food journals in the past like I have, I found there’s a lot of shame and awfulness attached to them. So this is NOT about judging good or bad, this is about really understanding how much food is right for your body. And that your stomach and brain are the best decision makers about that, and this is simply a way to discover that.

#4: 2 Easy Ways to Calm Your Body and Mind…

      • Why am I talking about ways to calm your body and mind?
      • So what are my 2 easy ways to calm your body and your mind?
      • How will calming my body and mind give me more energy?
      • What if I can’t calm down before a meal? I finally found a way to reliably and consistently relax before each meal!
      • + FREE handout!!!

#5: 6 seductive tips for sensual eating…

  • Why am I talking about eating and sensuality in the same sentence?
  • what exactly is CPDR and why is it important?
  • So what will eating sensually actually do for me?
  • How do I eat sensually?

These are tips for really how to savor and enhance the sights, sounds, tastes, textures, and smells, and environment of all your meals.

#6: My Best Kept Secret for Better Digestion

  • Has this happened to you?  You’ve changed how you’re eating but still have uncontrollable bloating, and you’re still gaining weight or just hit the wall and not making the progress you feel you should be.
  • So what is my best-kept secret to better digestion?
  • How to chew better for optimal digestion.

#7: The Hunger Game: Want to learn to play?  

  • Eat until satisfied, but not full – the difference between emotional hunger and physical hunger by playing the “Hunger Game.”
  • What will learning to listen to my body do for me?
  • How do I play the Hunger Game?  

This is to help you start to learn all the physical queues and the physical sensations of hunger, which is different than physical feelings. You want to learn the physical sensations of hunger at all the different points on the scale so that you become practiced at staying—never going below -60%, so you don’t get too hungry, and then not really going about 80% full, so you’re satisfied, but not too full.

#8: Do this when you just wanna be “bad”….

  • Sometimes you’ve just gotta let your rebellious inner child run wild and do some “naughty” things that would make your ancestors turn in their graves.
  • why am I talking about being naughty?
  • What’s important about “Rebellious Inner Child Syndrome”?
  • Here are 10 healthy ways to be naughty….

Last but not least we have the Be Naughty Menu – how you can go crazy and do really fun stuff so you don’t have to rely on food as the only way you get to be “bad”.

Now I want to hear from you!  Leave a comment below and let me know which tips/tool is your favorite OR which one caught your eye and why from this week’s round up.

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To your health!

Becca, xoxo

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