I’m so excited to share Part 2 of my 3 part clearing the clutter series with you.  Last week I talked about five areas you can clear the clutter in your workspace. This week, I want to dive a little deeper by exploring an area that may be uncomfortable for you: your support people.

3 Steps to Clear the Clutter in Your Life

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Last week I mentioned how messy areas can weigh you down.  Every time you see one of your messes it’s just dreadful. For example, my daughter’s room (she’s 2) has been a complete disaster the last couple weeks.  Instead of cleaning it I’d just shut the door so I didn’t have to see it when I walked by. I didn’t want to address it (no shame!). Let’s think of this mess in a little different way.  This is something I learned from one of my coaching instructors, Carey Peterson:

“A mess is an obligation without a commitment.”

-Joseph Cardella –

A mess is an obligation without a commitment

How interesting is that!?

In other words, a mess is something that hangs over your head, weighing you down, and making you feel guilty when you think about it or see it because you haven’t done it.  And! The only reason that heavy, guilty feeling and the feeling that it’s a mess is there is because you haven’t committed to it. You have an obligation to complete the thing but you’ve yet to commit to it.  Fascinating.

So let’s look at clearing up the clutter (and messes) around your support.  You’ve probably heard that who you spend your time with determines who you are and what amount/kind of success you achieve.  

Four ways you can clear clutter in the realm of support.  

  1. Spend time daily with people who think big and take consistent action.

  2. If people around you speak negatively, simply ask them to not do it in your presence or just dial it back a bit.  This isn’t that simple right!? Maybe crack a joke and point out your request.

  3. Seek out and make a new friend of someone who’s in a higher income bracket so you’re inspired to leap to your next level of success.  Who’s one person you really admire who’s doing what you want to be doing?  How can you connect with them?

  4. Think of someone who drives you nuts! Do you find yourself thinking about that person like, “if he or she can just do x then I’ll be happy. This person’s driving me crazy and if they’d just do this one thing, then I’d relax and be happy.”  Then ask yourself, “How much energy am I putting into trying to control someone I can’t control/change? How much energy, how many times a day do I think about this person changing?” Every time you have an urge/desire to change or fix another person, re-center into yourself and ask yourself, “What do I need right now to help me feel happy, relaxed, fulfilled, what it is you’d like to feel that has nothing to do with what anyone else does or doesn’t do?” That can sometimes be the single most, biggest emotional clutter you can clear for yourself.

What do I do now?

Of these four actions, which one sounds the hardest?  Write that one down because that’ll be your first action step.

Take this opportunity to clear this clutter now, before whatever new adventure you’re aiming for begins, and while you have the time.  Your ROI (return on investment) will pay you many times over in your new adventure – learning, new found confidence, increased self-esteem, new career, new you.

If you are ready to take it a step further and embrace the best version of your life possible, then click here now to schedule a time to talk with me about the important steps to take to make changes in your lifestyle that will help you CREATE your DREAM life!

If not, that’s cool too!  Be sure to stay tuned next week for part two of this three-part series.

Now I want to hear from you

In the comments below let me know which action is the hardest for you.

With love,


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