I’m so excited to share Part 3 of my 3 part clearing the clutter series with you.  The third place to clear clutter is money.  Were you expecting the third area to be something else? If so, I’ll be talking a lot about clearing out your kitchen, fridge, and pantry down the road so let’s focus on something a lot of us ignore.  Money! Does that word make you cringe?  Does it make you cringe when you think about looking at your bank account? Does it make you uncomfortable when you know a money conversation is coming?  If so then you’re in the right place! Let’s clear this clutter!3 Steps to Clear the Clutter in Your Life -3

No matter what kind of business you’re in I guarantee money will come up.  It’s inevitable! Even if you don’t run your own business and you’re a career woman, creating solid money habits will help you achieve freedom in your finances.  Hallelujah!! That’s something we all want. Even if you’re skimming by reading this wondering if it pertains to you, yes it does. If you love personal growth, or learning anything or creating new experiences, you’re going to want the financial freedom to be able to those things.

One of the reasons I got into coaching is because I crave an experience of financial freedom.  Ever since I was a little girl I’ve told my dad, I’ll work for myself because the idea of working for others doesn’t fit me.  I know I know – a coach works for others. But it’s not the same. In this line of work, I serve my clients by helping them carve out the future of their dreams as I carve my own.  

Financial freedom in the world of nursing, or being an employee, doesn’t do it for me. It doesn’t seem a possibility to me. Probably because I don’t enjoy that line of work like I do transforming people’s lives with coaching.  Or maybe because in my job as a nurse I ignored money and pretended that it didn’t matter. I can’t do that with coaching. It’s all on the table.

To create a flow of money we have to shine the light on it. Not just so more money will come to you, but also to keep the money that you make.  It’s one thing to generate a lot of money; it’s another thing to keep it.

What signal are you sending to the universe about how you value your time and money?

This is the idea behind clearing the clutter this week.  Let’s not wait for other people to give you permission to value your time or to value your money.  That’s what most people do, and it’s not working for them! Let’s self-authorize yourself. Just imagine what your life can be like if you value your time and your relationship to money now.  How would this signal to the universe about your relationship to money be different?

Let’s look at four really simple ways you can start valuing your time and money now before you start making a dime.  Sending that new signal to the universe now means you’re preparing and opening up to more money into your life so let’s get started!

Four ways you can clear clutter and money.

  1. Bring all money owed to you up to date.  Write down every person, company, or organization that owes you money, the amount they owe, and contact each of these people/companies, and find out where your money is and when you can expect it back.

  2. Use gift cards.  Collect all your old gift cards and certificates, cash them in, use them or spend them and do it within the next seven days.

  3. Gather loose money.  Gather up all your loose change and then exchange it for bigger bills and spend it in the next seven days.  You can spend it on yourself, education, date night, savings, a debt, whatever floats your boat. Just gather it up, exchange for bigger bills and put it towards something in the next seven days.

  4. Enlighten your wallet.  This is something simple yet compelling. This is something directly from HCI live; they have everyone take out their wallet and say, “If your wallet is a symbol of your relationship to money, just like your office, if your office is a symbol of how – if a client was going to walk into your office, what would it say about you? If someone were to look in your wallet, what would it say about your relationship to money, and how you treat and value your money?”  Whoa. Mine was a disaster when I first did this exercise! There were receipts, random sticky notes and it was bursting at the seams. It was bad.

    So you want to take out your wallet and clear out whatever clutters it.  What doesn’t need to be there? If your wallets torn or worn down, replace it with one that’s new and that makes you happy.  I’m not saying something super expensive – something that makes you happy when you look at it. You want your wallet to be organized, and you should know what’s in it.  If you don’t have a wallet really consider getting one. This can indicate to the universe that this is an area that you’re paying attention to, respecting and making important.

What do I do now?quote - How you do one thing is how you do everything.

Now that you have these four options choose the action that feels the easiest and choose one that feels the hardest.  These are your third and fourth action steps in this series. Write those down then go do them!

Are you wondering why I’m asking you to take two actions around money?  Great questions! What you focus on grows. So as a business owner, career woman, or someone who likes the idea of starting a business, or someone who would like to interact with money, it’s time to get in touch with your relationship with money.  Therefore, we’re putting more attention here than our physical environment or support.

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How you do one thing is how you do everything.

As you begin your journey and examine your relationship to food, body, and health, your relationship to money will surface.  Health and money aren’t as separate as you may think because how you do one thing is how you do everything. And like your health, if you don’t pay attention to money, it will get your attention and probably not in a way you like.

If you haven’t completed the other action steps, let’s take this opportunity to clear the clutter now. Doing this before you embark on any new journey will repay you many times over in your new learning, new career, your new higher income, your new confidence, increased self-esteem.  It’s all helping you to understand and appreciate what you have. It’s helping you stand up for your values so you can fully step into this new path and into your spotlight.

Now I’m curious!  

Let me know in the comments which clear the clutter actions steps you’’re choosing from part-three.  Which of the action steps from parts one and two did you choose? I can’t wait to hear!

With love,

Becca xoxo

4 ways to clear clutter and money4 ways you can clear clutter in your financesWhat signal are you sending to the universe about how you value your time and money?