There it is again: clear the clutter.  You see it everywhere on Pinterest, hear about it from friends and family.   You may think, ‘How can something so simple be talked about so much?” Because it works.

3 ways to clear clutter

When you think of clearing the clutter what comes to mind?  Probably physical spaces, that’s what used to come to mind for me.  But what about virtual? Mental? Relational? All this ‘stuff’ takes up so much room in our brain!  This stuff makes our mind, and physical space, a mess.  I don’t know about you, but when I look at a mess, I feel guilty that it’s messy.  It just feels like another thing to add to my to-do list. And, I’ll probably let it sit until I finish x, y, and z.  The mess lingers, and the guilt festers. Have you ever walked into a messy room in your home and instantly felt overwhelmed?  That’s a mess at work! I want to share with you a simple exercise that packs a punch in a three-part series.

So, let’s look at physically or mentally clearing your space.  It’s something that keeps coming up over and over again, and it’s still just as valuable now as it was in that moment when you last thought about clearing your clutter.  

Why clearing the clutter matters

The practice of clearing the clutter is to create space – physical space in your office or home, or even space within yourself.  Clearing the clutter before starting something new is a valuable way to create that space before you begin any new journey.

You have to take out the old furniture before you can bring in the newThis exercise is designed to help you clear out anything that might stand in your way of a new, magical experience.  This is a super quick, simple exercise that will help you get on track physically, mentally, and energetically so you can take the next leap forward in your life and your career.

Have you ever heard the saying, “You have to take out the old furniture before you can bring in the new?”  That’s the theory behind this:

You have to get rid of the old stuff to make space for the new stuff.

I want to explore three areas of your life that may have accumulated some clutter.   We want to determine if there’s any clutter here that needs clearing so you can set up the conditions for inevitable success.  

However, I’m going to make this a three-part series – meaning I’ll cover one area of your life today, another next week and another the third week.  This way you’ll give yourself ample time to focus on each area you’re welcome 😉

Research shows that excess physical clutter clutters your mind because your external world is a reflection of your internal world.  So, if we can declutter your external world, it’ll allow you to notice how that makes room for an internal shift, for internal space.

You may be wondering why internal shift matters?

You’re going to want to experience new things, people, places, opportunities – you’re alive and living.  To fully experience those things you have to have the mental space for it. So, we want to start creating that space now.

If you’re reading this and you follow my work, chances are you want a change somewhere in your life, and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to create a healthier you, the career, the income, and the lifestyle you truly desire.  You’re ready to invest you and your resources because you believe your dream is worth fighting for.

When people see my calendar or hear all the things I have going on, they ask me how I do it all.  Part of that answer is because I have a desire, a dream, to leave my daughter and my family a legacy that will support them and their desires.  The other part is because I know I can do it – deep down, I know got this girl

Even those moments of self-doubt and judgment there’s that part of me that’s like, “You can do this.”  When I have trouble connecting to this belief the other thing that helps me is my support system and my mentors. These people help me see a bigger vision for me than I can see for myself.  They stretch me.

Here’s a secret about these thoughts of self-doubt and judgment.  

Most people have them. And yes they feel uncomfortable. If you have thoughts that your path isn’t right for you step back and notice it.  Having these thoughts isn’t a bad thing and doesn’t mean something is wrong, it’s actually part of the growth process when you decide to create change – when you choose to stretch beyond what you know and are comfortable in.  There’s actually something wrong if you don’t have those thoughts!

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Right here and now, I’m going to ask you to make a commitment, a decision about who you want to be and about how you want to live.  When you narrow these thoughts down to a decision, NOTICE that you do have CHOICES, maybe more than you thought.  Then I want you to take action on those choices and make a decision.

In my coaching programs, I call this “Creating conditions for inevitable success.”  

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What if from today on, you operate from that place of success? And whatever success means for you is inevitable? This is how my support system helped me; they called me out when I wanted to run and hide.  They challenged me to set up conditions in my life that made my success inevitable.

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So how can you set up conditions for inevitable success?

I challenge you to look at three areas of your physical environment and clear out the clutter so you can make your success in whatever change/new idea/plan inevitable.  

Are you ready to start?

Take out a blank piece of paper and at the top write, “Clearing the Clutter.”

The first place we’re going to look at in this three-part series is your physical environment.  Specifically your work area (if you work from, if not the place you drop your things when you leave each day).

This area is sooo essential because it’ll either limit or support your success.  Think about it like this – if you clear the clutter you’ll be making room for new ideas, new connections, new training and other new opportunities. Imagine if a client/customer/patient walked into your workspace right now, what message would it give about you?  We want to get to the point where our physical environment is always giving the message about us that we want to give.

Here are five areas where you can clear clutter in your workspace.  

Again, it doesn’t matter if that’s at home, an office, or both.

  1. Clear your desk of paper piles, receipts, bills, and anything that needs to be filed.
  2. Remove piles of magazine, paper or projects from your desk or floor.
  3. Remove piles of ‘stuff’ from your bookshelves + make sure your books, photos, and knickknacks are neat and tidy.
  4. Unsubscribe from at least five electronic newsletters that you never have time to read.
  5. Clean out your inbox clutter!! And any messages older than two weeks.

What do I do now?

Of these five actions, which one sounds the easiest?  Write that one down because that’ll be your first action step.

Take this opportunity to clear this clutter now, before whatever new adventure you’re aiming for begins, and while you have the time.  Your ROI (return on investment) will pay you many times over in your new adventure – learning, new found confidence, increased self-esteem, new career, new you.

If you are ready to take it a step further and embrace the best version of your life possible, then click here now to schedule a time to talk with me about the important steps to take to make changes in your lifestyle that will help you CREATE your DREAM life!

If not, that’s cool too!  Be sure to stay tuned next week for part two of this three-part series.

Now I want to hear from you

In the comments below let me know what you’re clearing out.

With love,


5 areas to clear clutter in your workspace
5 areas to clear clutter in your workspace 3 ways to clear clutter 3 ways to clear clutter